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Saturday, 23 September 2023 07:31

PDP Leaders Say Wike Notified Party Before Accepting Ministerial Role

Some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Executive Committee members have corroborated claims by Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nyesom Wike that he informed the party leadership prior to accepting a ministerial appointment from President Bola Tinubu’s All Progressives Congress (APC) administration.

Deputy National Publicity Secretary Ibrahim Abdullahi and an anonymous source confirmed that Wike wrote to acting chairman Umar Damagum about the offer and his intention to serve in the interest of national unity. However, the party allegedly did not respond approvingly or disapprovingly.

Wike had refuted accusations of betraying PDP by accepting the ministerial role, stating he got greenlights from various party leaders beforehand. The FCT minister’s letter to Damagum reportedly conveyed his decision to “answer the clarion call” from Tinubu despite misgivings from some PDP members.

With the party neither confirming nor rejecting Wike’s move, the FCT minister went ahead to be sworn in. But some like Deputy National Youth Leader Timothy Osadolor still demand Wike’s expulsion for alleged anti-party conduct.

A former PDP governor also expressed concern the Wike-Atiku rift is dividing the party hierarchy, warning urgent steps are needed to address the leadership vacuum and uncertainty. However, spokesman Tsauri advocated patience till Supreme Court rules on Atiku’s election challenge.

Wike’s appointment has exposed latent friction within the PDP ranks. But his notification to party leaders before accepting may limit accusations of outright betrayal. The party faces tough choices on asserting internal discipline while remaining a broad political tent.

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