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Sunday, 01 October 2023 05:51

NSCDC Impounds 221 Vehicles Of ‘One-Chance’ Robbery Suspects In Abuja

The FCT Command of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has impounded no fewer than 221 vehicles used by ‘one-chance’ robbers in Abuja.

The commandant of the FCT command, Olusola Odumosu, revealed this in an exclusive interview with THE WHISTLER at the weekend.

One chance robberies are perpetrated by criminal elements who disguise as commercial drivers to rob unsuspecting commuters of their valuables.

The criminals usually leave one seat unoccupied for a commuter and would rob their victim as the journey progresses.

Attacks on commuters by one-chance syndicates have continued in the federal capital, raising fears and concerns across the Federal Capital Territory.

Odumosu told THE WHISTLER that the NSCDC uncovered how the one-chance drivers use double plate numbers to avoid being detected by security agents.

“One of the major things we were able to achieve in the last operation which involved every agency, including civil defense, was this menace of one chance, where people are robbed while in motion. And it happens with all these useless drivers who claim to be commercial drivers, but in real sense, they are criminals.

“We discovered that a lot of vehicles that were used for such illicit operation carry a local plate number, meanwhile, they have foreign plate number underneath.

“And whenever their unsuspecting victims enter the vehicles, you see, even if you have written down the plate number, by the time they are in motion, they change the plate number to a foreign number, and they are untraceable.

“So, we’re able to clamp down on a lot of them. And a number of vehicles have been seized in this operation. About 221 vehicles were actually seized, impounded and arrested.

“How do you explain having two plate numbers, you know, for one vehicle, two different plate numbers, if you are not a criminal?

“So, we were able to launch out, and we raided the parks, we conducted stop and search on the highways, and we ensured that anyone with questionable vehicle particulars, even, aside from those with two plate numbers and different plate numbers were arrested,” he said.

Odumosu urged FCT residents to support security agencies by providing credible intelligence that will lead to the arrest of criminals perpetrating evil in the federal capital.

“I reactivated my critical national asset and infrastructure unit and my operations unit and since I’ve come on board, we have been conducting 24 hours patrol, day and night patrol, which of course have been giving us results,” he added.

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