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Friday, 29 September 2023 20:09

Nigerian Judge, Demola Bakre's Speech At His Swearing-in As A Justice of the Supreme Court of the Eastern Caribbean

Your excellency the Gov. General of Antigua and Barbuda, Your Ladyship the Hon. Chief Justice and all my other lords and ladies, all other protocols duly observed.
Today marks a special day in my life as I stand before God and mankind to take my 4th oath of Office as a Judge. I have worked as a judge in 2 other jurisdiction apart from the Eastern Caribbean. In Dec 2013, I was sworn as a Judge In Nigeria. In June 2018, I was sworn as a judge in The Gambia. Today I took another oath to serve in the Eastern caribean.

I say that this is my 4th oath because I took another oath which is significant in my career.

On the night of my 1st oath of office, my dad, who himself is a retired Judge in Nigeria, came to my house late in the night and called my wife and I. He said the oath you took today before everyone is ceremonial. You certainly have committed before everybody to be just and fair. You have no idea what you have done as you have no idea what challenges lay ahead of you. It is important at this age to make another oath between you and your God that you will never use the position you have been entrusted for any other purpose than the benefit of mankind.

He asked me to take the holy book. Go alone into my room and make an oath with God, that to the best of my God-given ability I shall be fair to all concerned. I took the said oath, and this oath has been my most significant oath of office that has guided me all my career.

Today, I stand before the people of Eastern Caribbean that I shall be fair to all concerned.

I thank God the almighty who has taken me thus far. I also thank the Hon. Chief Justice of Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and the entire faculty of the court for finding me worthy to take this position.

I carry on my shoulder the enormous reputation of the entire black Africa to show in the Caribbean that Africa is reliable. So help me God.

Once again I thank His excellency the Gov. Gen of Antigua for this honor.

Thank you all.

Hon Justice Tunde AHMED BAKRE.

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