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Thursday, 21 September 2023 10:17

How witch doctors use yahoo boys to obtain, traffic human organs

Thought leader Kel Armstrong Amobi, popularly known as KAA on social media, has exposed the inner workings of witch doctors who demand human sacrifices from internet fraudsters (‘Yahoo’ boys/girls) seeking power and riches.

He stressed that human sacrifices are not for any god to make people wealthy, but purely human organ-harvesting ventures.

He also stressed that many witch doctors are becoming rich not because of the money Yahoo people and the like pay them, but because of the sales of human organs.

“You believe that once you take a member of your family, friend, or an unsuspecting stranger to a witch doctor, he will sacrifice the person and the gods will go to the Central Bank of Nigeria and start printing money for you with unique serial numbers and the CBN governor’s signature on them?” he asked.

KAA revealed that most Yahoo people either do not know that they are enabling black-market, human-organ trafficking or are aware but will not tell the truth.

He explained that the vital organs of those they kill are usually missing not because the gods like such organs, but because the witch doctors sell the organs to the highest bidders in the black market.

KAA noted that either the perpetrators of this crime are taught how to harvest human organs or how to defraud people.

He stated that the money-ritual scenes many Nigerians watch in Nollywood movies do not apply to real-life situations

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