The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, on Monday charged Lagosians to liberate themselves from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Atiku was in Lagos yesterday for PDP’s presidential rally at the Teslim Balogun Stadium (TBS) in the Surulere area.

Addressing party members and supporters, the Wazirin Adamawa forbade Lagosians from letting APC return to power both at the national and state levels.

Atiku insisted that for the past 23 years, a family has been ruling the state, and there was nothing to show for it. He urged Lagosians to liberate themselves by voting PDP governorship candidate in the state, Olajide Adediran, popularly known as Jandor.

The former vice president said the APC government has been deceiving residents of the state that it made Lagos what it is today.

Atiku assured that he will restructure the country if elected in the forthcoming elections. “If I am voted I will restructure the country. For the past 23 years, you have been voting for one family. It is time to liberate yourself and vote Jandor,” Atiku said.

He added: “A single-family has ruled the state for 23 years. The federal government built the third mainland bridge, Agege motor road, and other road infrastructures in the state, the APC govt is lying to you about developing Lagos.

“It is time for you to liberate yourself from a family government in power for over 23 years, by voting Jandor as your governor.”

Reiterating his stand on privatization, Atiku said he will raise $10 billion for women and youth empowerment after privatizing all the refineries in the country.

“People have asked how I will get the money but if I privatise the Warri refinery and others, I will get the money,” he told the crowd.

Meanwhile, Jandor had earlier told the party’s supporters that he would stop all forms of harassment by members of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Management, formerly the NURTW and other miscreants causing chaos in the state.

“In the last 23 years we haven’t seen anything in Lagos and it is time for us to have a meaningful government in Lagos by voting for me,” he said.

Jandor added: “Poverty rate has increased since (Babajide) Sanwo-Olu took over despite his claims of investment of N10 billion in the employment trust fund in Lagos.

“Funke (Akindele) and I have been contributing our quota and employing people, we pay our taxes but Sanwo-Olu and his deputy don’t.”

Tuesday, 06 December 2022 08:27

I’m prepared for dirt in politics – Tinubu

The presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has said he is prepared for the dirt associated with politics.

He spoke at Chatham House in London, on Monday, where he addressed controversies surrounding his age, school and time in the private sector.

Fielding questions from the audience, the former governor of Lagos State revealed that efforts by those who questioned his school records ended in disappointment.

He said, “At the time of birth, I was dated March 29, 1952, in the family record. Then, I don’t think I had decided to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not even that I would go into politics.

“I’ve had very good exposure in life. My record is consistent in the university they questioned. They’ve now confessed that they wasted their money and their time. The record is there, and the transcript is there showing March 1952.

“I’m not claiming another father, I’m Tinubu and Tinubu proper. If they want DNA, they could as well request one.

“One of them has been accused of not being a Nigerian citizen, I didn’t touch that area.

“Equally, it remains the same. Chicago State University where I graduated has attested to that. Now, I can announce that I have received my original replacement degree certificate from them.

“Deloitte trained me as an accountant. Mobile Oil has attested to my outstanding record. I got to the pinnacle of my career in the private sector. Who among them can brag about that?

“Yes, if you want to wrestle with the pig, you’ve got to live with the dirt. That’s what I’m doing. I got into politics knowing fully well that it is muddy water. Smog will come, and you will have to live with the dirt and make sure you are upright to finish the job.”

In his opening speech, Tinubu expressed his stance against electoral violence and intimidation while urging others in the presidential race to allow Nigerians to decide the future of the country.

He said, “I stand firmly against all forms of electoral violence and intimidation.

“Haven spent most of my career in political opposition, I have long fought against electoral malpractice and any attempt to extinguish the legitimate choice of voters. I will continue to do so, I promise.

“I urge all my fellow contestants in this election to do the same. Let the sovereign will of the people decide the path of our nation. And let this election be determined by voters making their choice freely rather than the domineering intimidation of the troublesome few.”

He further told the audience, “I am confident that in a few short months, people will go to the polls and give me their mandates.

“I’m ready to lead and govern the country. I will return here to interact with you when the elections are over. I will come not with a long list of priorities for the future but with a plan for collaboration in the best interest of the country I love and dedicate myself to for a lifetime.”

Asked if his administration will ensure that Nigerians in the diaspora voted in subsequent elections, Tinubu stated that the current system of voting was yet to prove to be reliable enough to accommodate other systems.

He said, “I think it was El-rufai that mentioned last night that diasporans are entitled to voting. If you make contributions to the economy with remittances that you have been making, your right to vote should not be abrogated but promoted.

“However, we are still building confidence in our democratic and voting system. INEC is still yet to assure us during this election that electronic transmission – the technology being used for accreditation and the total vote count – is reliable, dependable and assuring in our democratic process before we introduce the complicated process of the mail-in ballot and others.


On March 28, 2022, a Kaduna bound train from Abuja, was attacked at a place called Katari in Kaduna State around 7: 45 pm. As is the case with many things in Nigeria where documentation is poor and students are just about to start learning history again after more than 10 years of the subject being excluded from the curriculum, till date nobody can give the exact figure of the number of passengers on that ill-fated train. What we all know is that it was attacked by rampaging bandits and terrorists, who had rigged up the train line with explosives, and who attacked the train, riding motorcycles and bearing dangerous weapons. The train was less than 20 minutes to its Rigasa station destination. The terrorists opened fire on the hapless travellers. More than eight persons were killed on the spot. About 62 persons were abducted.  


Over 20 persons were injured. It was the beginning of a long nightmare involving negotiations with the abductors, the agony of distraught families, and a sad exposure of the vulnerability of the average Nigerian. The victims fell within a broad age and health range: young children, family members, the infirm, the elderly and the aged, including persons who were on various kinds of medication from which they had been cut off simply because they live in a country where insecurity is a problem and human lives have lost value. Those who died included Chinelo Megafu, a young medical doctor, Amin Mahmoud, an APC youth leader and Musa Lawal-Ozigi, secretary-general of the Trade Union Congress. Family relations of the affected persons were thrown into agony. As the Federal Government of Nigeria insisted that it was not prepared to negotiate with terrorists or pay ransom, families cried to high heavens. A few Samaritans led by Sheik Ahmad Gumi, Tukur Mamu, Professor Usman Yusuf and others stepped in to help, even if they created controversies of their own in the process. In the end, the abducted persons were released in batches on April 6, June 11, July 9, July 25, August 10, August 19, and the final 23 regained their freedom on October 6.  The Federal Government has tried to claim credit for ensuring the release of the last batch of abducted persons, but what is worth remembering is the needless loss of lives, and the general insecurity in the land which must be addressed - government has the primary responsibility to protect the people. 


Following the attack of March 28, the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) announced the suspension of services on the Abuja-Kaduna route to give time for the rail line that had been damaged in parts to be fixed. Two weeks ago, it was further announced that the rail line would now be re-opened for operations.  The Minister of Transportation, Muazu Sambo, during an inspection tour of the Abuja station said the train service was originally scheduled to resume by November 28 but that within a week, normal service along the route would re-commence.  Minister Sambo was quoted as saying that he had vowed that the trains will not return on that route until the last abducted person was released and that he was happy he had been able to keep that promise. Muazu became Minister of Transportation in July 2022. He only needs to be reminded that in fact before he was posted to the Ministry of Transportation, the Federal Government had tried to re-open that route by May 23. The attempt was greeted by public outcry. It was generally agreed that the government was being callous and insensitive, seeking to sell train tickets while the abducted persons were still in captivity. Affected family members threatened to picket train stations. At the time, Fidet Okhiria, Managing Director of the NRC claimed that the corporation was under pressure to resume operations. Nigerians refused. NRC was forced to change its plan. Now, yesterday, the trains returned along that route. 


Mr. Sambo, the Minister in charge, says the NRC is 90% ready. Is the NRC ready? Can the people trust its managers? The Minister further claims that lessons have been learnt. Is he sure that indeed lessons have been learnt? What lessons exactly, if we may ask? Minister Sambo has said a lot of sweet things to rebuild public confidence and encourage people to travel again by rail between Abuja and Kaduna. But how many people will summon the courage to trust the NRC and government? When the first train left the Abuja station at 10 am yesterday, after eight months of inactivity on that route, the passengers were few. People have obviously learnt to be cautious and watchful. We have been told that there would be increased security along the rail line and inside the coaches and that some of the security men would be in mufti. The Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba has to that effect deployed police men, working with other armed personnel, drawn from the Police Mobile Force, K-9, Force Intelligence Bureau, Railway Police Command and the Explosive Ordinance Unit to protect lives and property along that route. But for how long will the security agencies sustain this? And where is the Civil Defence Corps whose primary responsibility is to protect national assets and infrastructure? Why are they not part of the arrangements? The sloppiness of our security operatives has been a major part of the security challenge in Nigeria. Even if the Abuja-Kaduna route is protected, what happens to other railway routes across the country? There have been reports for example of the vandalism of rail tracks in parts of the country, the most vandalized route being the 157-kilometres Lagos-Ibadan rail line. Apart from deploying armed personnel to protect the rail lines and the award of jobs to security contractors, many Nigerians would like to know if there is an electronic surveillance system in place to protect the rail lines across the country. Security in the 21st Century does not simply mean uniformed personnel. In April, the then Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi had disclosed that a proposal for the procurement of a N3.7 billion security surveillance solution was taken before the Federal Executive Council but this was rejected at the Council meeting of September 24, 2021. Questions were reportedly raised about the capacity of the recommended firm for the project. So, what has happened since then? An electronic surveillance system would definitely enhance whatever security measures the Federal Government wants to put in place. 


The Minister of Transportation also says as part of new measures to be introduced, that train passengers would have to produce their phone numbers, and National Identification Number (NIN). Are they also going to ask for birth and marriage certificates? The proper identification of passengers should prevent the kind of confusion that occurred in March. The NRC had no proper manifest at the time! Till date the number of passengers on that Abuja-Kaduna train remains a matter of guess-work! Whatever documentation the NRC introduces this time around, every effort should be made to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy that could expose passengers to avoidable hardship. The bigger thing to worry about is the endemic corruption in the operations of the Railway Corporation. And let the point be made that the bandits who attacked the train in March were not passengers. They attacked the train along the route. There is no point treating every passenger like a potential criminal. 


We have also been told that there would be no night trains.  This is simple common sense. Nigeria is not safe during the day, not to talk of night time. In broad daylight, people get kidnapped, and it is worse during festive seasons when too many bandits become more desperate. The March 28 train attack occurred around 7:45 pm, forcing many people to advise against night train travels. It is in order that the Federal Government has taken the people’s suggestion in this regard. It is all such a pity though. Every means of transportation in this country has become so expensive and risky. The roads are bad, the waterways are dangerous, air travel is costly and even the trains cannot be relied upon. A country of over 200 million needs an effective public transportation system and this must be a major issue for whoever wants to lead Nigeria going forward. In some countries, public transportation is considered so important, there are Ministries of Railways as in India, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Canada and New Zealand. 


According to the NRC, the Federal Government lost N113 million due to the suspension of the Abuja-Kaduna train services for over eight months. In another account, the figure was put at N6.6 billion. What has now been decided in typical Nigerian fashion, is that fares would be increased. People died. Families lost their loved ones. Persons were killed in captivity. On one occasion, the bandits showed their victims being flogged.  They threatened to kill and maim. One of the kidnapped persons, Dr. Mustapha Imam is an Associate Professor at the Usman Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto. He came home from India to give back to his country and share knowledge. He spent four months in captivity. When he was eventually released, he burst into tears. And now, NRC is lamenting that the corporation lost N113 million. How about lives lost, the hardship that the victims faced, the pain, the agony? The people suffer. They get punished for their suffering. Their only offence is that they are citizens of a country called Nigeria. Fares on the Abuja-Kaduna route would now be N9, 000 for 24-seater coaches, with immediate effect.  Empathy, security, and efficiency should be more important considerations for the Federal Government, not profit and greed.

President Muhammadu Buhari hit the nail squarely on the head last Thursday, when he told members of the Senior Executive Course No 44 (2022) of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPPS), Kuru that state Governors are stealing funds meant for Local Governments. The President’s assertion came about a day after the Minister for Budget and National Planning, Clement Agba had accused state Governors of being responsible for the high level of poverty among Nigerians, the majority of whom (72%) live in rural areas, and had been neglected. I felt the Minister of State was grandstanding and fishing for scapegoats. 


The simple response to him is that both the Federal and other levels of government continue to fail the people, and that the crisis is that of leadership. But the President’s position on the financial autonomy of local governments is most deserving of further emphasis. One of the many good things that the present administration has done in the area of reform includes the push for the fiscal autonomy of the judiciary and local governments, both of which have been stoutly resisted by vested interests.  In May 2020, President Buhari signed Executive Order 10 to enforce the financial autonomy of the states’ judiciary and legislature. The States raised objections and went to court. In February 2022, by a majority of six to seven, the apex court ruled that the controversial Executive Order 10 was in conflict with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution with regard to the powers of each arm of government. The President was adjudged to have acted ultra vires.  The Order was an administrative directive that monies meant for the judiciary should be sent directly to their leadership without state governors pretending to manage the funds on behalf of both the judiciary and the state legislatures, while stealing part of same. There was yet another matter. In 2019, the Nigerian Financial. Intelligence Unit had issued guidelines with regard to local governments to the effect that not more than N500, 000 can be withdrawn daily, and that state governments must not tamper with local council funds, and can only act within the purview of the law as transit points.  The state governments went to court. But the Federal High Court in Abuja presided over by Justice Inyang Ekwo ruled in May 2022, ruled that the NFIU guidelines were in order to promote transparency and that the plaintiffs (the 36 state governments) had no case. The Court found that the NFIU within its enabling Act had powers to provide guidelines. It was the second time that a court of law would decline the attempt by state governments to resist NFIU guidelines. 


The contentious issue is Section 162 (5), (6), (7) and (8) of the 1999 Constitution.  Section 162 (6) specifically creates “the State Joint Local Government Account”, and the subsequent amplifications as cited but this has been subjected to so much abuse with state governments and governors turning into supervisors and overlords of the local governments. All the 774 Local Governments in the 1999 Constitution are no better than appendages of state governments. Local government Chairmen are treated like aides of the Governors. The states rely on Section 162 (6) to collect monies due to the councils, and after charging administrative fees decide unilaterally on what they think the boys in the local governments should get. What is sent to them is barely enough to pay salaries, with some small change for the Chairmen and Councillors who by the way are so ignorant and incompetent, they are happy to collect crumbs. They are part of the problem! In March 2022, the National Assembly passed a bill to abolish Section 162 (6) of the 1999 Constitution, but for the bill to become law, it has to be passed by 24 Houses of Assembly. The Governors would not allow that to happen. Every Governor seeks to control the judiciary, the legislature and the local governments. Ours is a democracy of dictators. At some point, the State Joint Local Government Account has to be deleted from the Nigerian Constitution to provide a constitutional safety valve for the third tier of government. 


Development springs from the local councils – they are the best institutions to help address the challenge of poverty alleviation, being the level of government that is closest to the people. When they are rendered impotent and ineffectual, the entire governance superstructure is compromised. However, no one should be surprised that some Governors have responded sharply to President Buhari’s latest attempt to put them on the spot.  Benue state Governor, Samuel Ortom, David Umahi of Ebonyi State, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara state, Simon Lalong of Plateau State, Dapo Abiodun of Ogun state, and Nyesom Wike of Rivers State have all come forward to protest that they do not steal local government funds. President Buhari cited the specific example of one state Governor whom he refused to name. Whoever that Governor is, he would know himself. This is why every governor must speak up, otherwise we would be right to assume that all the Governors that are keeping quiet are the guilty ones. And that President Buhari knows what he is talking about. Members of the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) were quick to support the President’s assertions. They should go a step further and name the thieving Governors and states that they know. The Supreme Court may have made a technical point about the Constitution but the President can give effect to his own words by prevailing on states controlled by his own party, and they are currently in the majority, to act with integrity and eschew the theft of local council funds. When the time is ripe, Section 162 of the 1999 Constitution should be amended accordingly to put a permanent end to the mischief of the state governments.

"Yes I have "infant children". I love them deeply and I am very proud of them. Each of them is worth more than one hundred million of that bogus, classless, empty and 419 contraption that you call your University and I thank God for their lives. Each of them, like their illustrious forefathers and siblings, will go to Cambridge, Durham or London University and not to the half-baked, neophyte, dubious, shady, primitive, low ranked, unlettered, unlearned, peasant institution and bawdy whore-house that you built, run and own and that you claim to be an institution of higher learning. Finally unlike your brood of ill-bred desert rats and inconsequential piglets that you call yours, my children are human beings, each fearfully and wonderfully made. Unlike yours they are not an uncontrollable infestation of Mauritanian worms and rotten maggots or a bunch of ravenous wolves and ignorant, vagrant and sheep-shagging goats!"
(FFK to Dati Ahmed, 4th December, 2022) 
I had wanted to limit my response to you to the above words and tweet but given the fact that you are not gifted with much intelligence I decided to give you a little more of my time and add this brief note. 
You accuse me of "sleeping with women" whilst you were "building your university" and whilst Perer Obi was "building his business" as if it is a crime to sleep with your wife. 
You also accuse me of having what you described as "infant children" as if that were also a crime. 
Finally you accuse me, along with Pastor Reno Omokri, Sen. Dino Melaye and Olorogun Festus Keyamo SAN (none of whom are in your Labour Party) of all indulging in "wife abuse" and all manner of things. 
When did you decide to go so low Dati? 
Is this the same man that was once so civilised, decent and gentle and that I considered to be my friend and brother?
Look at what politics and your association with the Obidients has done to you? 
Consider how much your mind and manners have degenerated and the level to which you have sunk. 
I waited for you to deny saying these things but you refused to do so. 
Now I have no choice but to respond. 
I really do wonder which hole you crawled out of? 
Has it occurred to you that none of those whose names you mentioned are on the ballot and neither are our wives and children? 
Is this really the game you want to play and if so can you stand the repercussions and consequences? 
Do you have the stomach for such a fight? 
Ordinarily I would have ignored you but for the sake of my children I will not do so. 
I ask you: since when have people's family matters and private life been brought into the political fray and arena by politicians? 
This is especially so of wives and children. 
This is something that I personally never do and I frown on it but clearly you have misconstrued my silence for weakness. 
That is the measure of how daft you are. 
That is a testimony to the fact that you are as shallow as a Turkish door mat. 
Should we not shield and protect our wives and children from politics and keep them out of the fray? 
Has that not been the norm?
Even if we detest one another should we bring innocent children and women into it?
Should we feed on each others private lives?
You know very well that so much is hidden in yours. 
Besides which what you do with your wife behind closed doors is best not mentioned or exposed here otherwise all hell wil break loose. 
What you did to other ladies and girls in the past is even worse. 
We really ought not to throw stones in glass houses or reveal each others secrets. 
All this pettiness, vitriol and attacks on family's, women and children simply because I pointed out just how ignorant you are and proved it by citing your consistent factual blunders, particularly about the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, who you were stupid enough to claim led the UK in the 50's, was a member of the Labour Party and was a supporter of the Trade Unions. 
Not even my 7- year old son could make such a blunder and frankly it was a disgrace and embarrassment to us all that a man of your age who aspires to be Vice President of our country knows nothing about world politics, world history or the politics of our former colonial masters. 
My advise to you is that it is better to remain silent on national and international issues that you know nothing about rather than prove, confirm and advertise your stupidity by speaking nonsense. 
You may own an institution of higher learning which you insist on calling a University, even though in my view and by my standard it is not fit to be called one, but clearly you have no brain in your head. 
Worse of all a few years ago whilst on the Senate floor you called for the execution of all gay men and women and members of the LGBQ community which proves your barbaric nature, your primitive disposition, your evil and fascistic tendencies and your intolerance and insensitivity to the yearnings and sexual orientation of others. 
Many of us may not endorse, encourage or support homosexuality and sodomy but we certainly do not believe that gays should be killed simply for their sexual preferences because it is a matter of choice. 
To suggest that gays should be lynched, butchered and murdered in the streets is nothing but wickedness and such thoughts can only emanate from a twisted mind and a dark, callous heart which belongs to the 6th century and which has no business vying for power in our country. 
On your allegation against me of "sleeping with women" let me respond by saying that you know nothing about my private life and if you did you would be surprised about the level of discipline, restraint and decency that I exercise in such matters due to my Christian faith which I happen to take very seriously. 
Unlike many I am not one of those that gives himself over to bouts of debauchery and wild sexual escapades and I prefer to live a relatively fasted life. 
Yet even if I do like women it is better to do so than to sleep with goats, cows and dogs like some that you know and that are close to you have cultivated a habit of doing. 
I have had the honor and privilege of having been associated with the most beautiful and most intelligent women over the last 62 years of my life and I consider it to be a gift from God. 
No crime in that either and I am truly sorry that you were stuck with the ugly vultures and low unintelligent creatures that you call your women and that you have had to manage throughout your life. 
This explains your frustration and your fixation and obsession about other people's children, women and wives. 
In this respect I guess my luck was good and yours was bad. 
Now let us look at your boastful claims. 
You say you were a Senator whilst I was "sleeping with women" yet you forgot to say that you were one with a stolen mandate who was eventually unceremoniously thrown out of the Senate by the courts and properly trounced by Senator Ahmed Makarfi whose mandate you attempted to steal. 
You say you built a so-called University whilst I was "sleeping with women" but you forgot to mention that it was built with funds that were questionable, that the way in which you acquired the land on which you built it was dubious and shady and that by world standards the place you call your University is no better than a glorified and well equipped cow shed. 
You spoke about your partner Obi building up his business and being a Governor whilst I was "sleeping with women" but you forgot to mention that he stands accused of running drugs in Malaysia, giving orders to kill people and dumping them in Oji River when he was Governor, causing the painful, horrific and frightful death of his own father as a consequence of unspeakable and unmentionable practices and dealings and having secret offshore bank accounts with stolen money in shady places like Panama. 
You said myself, Reno Omokri, Festus Keyamo and Dino Melaye, all men that, though we may not agree on everything or support the same candidate, are far more cerebral, formidable and intelligent than you, were "wife beaters" but you forgot to mention the fact that you are an unstable and aggressive husband with a vile temper and serious anger management issues. 
You also forgot to mention what you subjected your first wife, the daughter of a prominent, highly respected and well known Army Generals from Gusau in Zamfara state to, how you beat her mercilessly and how she suffered. 
You have subjected your present wife, the daughter of a respected and much loved Second Republic Minister and politician from Kano, to precisely the same treatment. 
If anyone is the wife-beater surely it is you. 
And unlike you all those you mentioned and accused earlier are now at peace with their respective wives, former wives and mothers of their children so what exactly is your business? 
Quite apart from that the number of young ladies that have complained about your sexual advances to them in return for passing exams in your so-called University are legion but that is a story for another day. 
Frankly the things that I have heard that you did and atrocities committed in your cow-shed of a University are utterly disgusting. 
You see I have the goods on you. 
I could go on and on but I will stop here for now. 
The truth is no matter how hard you and your vast army of social media and Obidient trolls try you cannot define me or mine. 
This is because you are far below me in every sense of the word and you and I come from two very different worlds. 
And I put it to you that you wouldn't even know what a real University looks like if you went on a tour of one. 
Unlike you I went to real University's like London and Cambridge and prior to that I went to the best schools in the United Kingdom from the age of 6. 
That education is what speaks for me till today and that is why you cannot stand before me in any public discussion or debate. 
You just don't have the knowledge, the depth, the guts, the eloquence, the vocabulary or the capacity to do so. 
Simply put, you are too small. 
Your ignorance has hampered you but if you are ready to try it I will meet you for that discourse and debate on any live television station anytime and anywhere just to expose you for the fake, inconsequential and ignorant little dullard that you are. 
We are not on the same level and you appear to have forgotten your place. 
30 years ago when you and your family were still struggling to be regarded and recognised as bona fide Nigerians and were still trying to settle down in our country from your native Mauritania, I was actively involved in the fight against military dictatorship and in the ranks of NADECO after being introduced into politics by the late and great Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi CON, the Marafan Sokoto. 
At that time you and your family were still wandering the streets of Lagos, Zaria and Abuja looking for somewhere to call home. 
20 years ago, long before either you or Obi went into politics I was the spokesman and Senior Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo, the greatest and best President that Nigeria has ever had and was later appointed as a two-time Minister of the Federal Republic by the same man.
Unlike you I am not a neophyte who has just joined the train and hopped on the Obi bandwagon to get social media fame but I have continually and constantly been in the forefront of politics, political commentry and public affairs over the last 30 years and I have paid my dues. 
Again unlike you I am a Nigerian who comes from a long line of achievers and great men and women who, from generation to generation, have achieved great things in this country and made notable contributions to our history. 
My father Chief Remilekun Adetokunboh Fani-Kayode Q.C, S.AN., C.O.N., who studied law at Cambridge University and who successfully moved the motion for Nigeria's independence in Parliament in 1958 was not only a Minister and Deputy Premier of the old Western Regjon which, unlike today, stretched from Ibadan to Asaba, but was also elected as Deputy Leader of the Yoruba race in 1967 at the same meeting in which Chief Obafemi Awolowo was elected Leader. 
The meeting was chaired by General Adeyinka Adebayo and took place in Ibadan in 1967 just before the civil.war. 
History attests to this. 
He was also the third Nigerian lawyer to be made a Q.C. after being called to the British Bar in 1945 and later the third to be made a S.A.N. 
My grandfather Justice Victor Adedapo Kayode was also at Camdridge University and after being called to the British bar at the Middle Temple in 1922 came home to become one of the most respected and brilliant criminal lawyers in the old Lagos Colony after which he went on to be appointed as Nigeria's third indigenous judge.
His contemporaries were great men like the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Sir Adetounkboh Ademola. 
My great grandfather Rev. Emmanuel Adedapo Adebiyi Kayode went to Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leonne which, at that time, was part of the United Kingdom's Durham University and graduated with an M.A. (Hons) in Theology in 1885. 
He came back home after starting his ministry as an Anglican priest in the UK and became the first Nigerian to briing Chriistianity and build and Pastor a Church in Ile Ife, my ancestral home. 
All this whilst your father, grandfather and great grandfather were still roaming and herding sheep and goats in the Sahara desert, carrying camel shit in Mauritania and looking for a nation to call their own. 
For the record let me put it to you that each of the women you accuse me of having children with were ALL my wives and, even though I may have had differences with one of them in the recent past, thankfully such differences have long since been settled, and I am proud of each and everyone one of them. 
I am also proud of my NINE beautiful children who you have insisted on bringing into the political fray and insulted by mentioning, including the young ones. 
I can expect such despicable and low down practices and tactics from ill-born guttersnipes and trolls on social media but I never expected such from you. 
If my good friend and brother, the late Waziri Mohammed, who I knew to be very close to your older brother Muftau and your family generally, saw what you were doing and heard what you were saying today about other people's wives and children all in the name of politics, he would surely have been ashamed of your new low. 
Needless to say each of my children have had the very best of education at the best foreign Universities like their father and forefathers before them, unlike you and yours. 
And they didn't just go there for their Masters degree like most of your ilk: they went there for their first and second degrees and also went to the best foreign and Nigerian private schools before University just as their younger siblings are doing today. 
You see unlike you regardless of what I do or say I have a good heritage and a great legacy. And as each day passes it gets stronger and stronger regardless of your insults. 
Unlike you I do not need to build a second rate University or run for public office to be a household name. And it is MY name they call (FFK) or (Sadauki) and not just my fathers. 
They no longer say "FFK the son of Fani-Power" but rather they now say "Fani-Power the father of FFK". 
I give thanks to God for that and believe me when I tell you that, by the grace and power of the Living God whose I am and whom I serve, even though demons like you try to denigrate and belittle them my handsome sons shall be even greater than me and their forefathers and they shall achieve far more than we ever did whether you like it or nor. 
That gives me great pleasure and a sense of extraordinary hope and achievement.
Our family name has gone from strength to strength and blessing to blessing from generation to generation and we have a great legacy and heritage. 
This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvellous in our sight. 
My question to you is as follows: 
What will happen to yours after you lose the election in February and hopefully you go back to your native country Mauritania? 
Long after your so-called University has vanished into obscurity, notoriety or both and has fallen and long after your Vice Presidential bid is dead and buried the Fani-Kayode shall continue to wax strong in the affairs of our nation whilst your name and your family will just melt away into insignificance and irrelevance. 
This shall be your portion. 
Today you are having your moment in the sun so enjoy it and thrive in it. 
I do however advise you to keep other peoples wives and children out of your mouth otherwise you will get far more than you bargained for in return. 
Women and children are considered no go areas in war, let alone politics. That is the law, the convention and the norm of the civilised. 
I know that your ignorance is limitless but know this and know peace. 
Stick to your campaign issues and, if it pleases you attack me, but leave my family alone.
If you fail to do so you will suffer the consequences and reap what you have sown because I will fire back and target yours with my words and prose until the day I die. 
Not even your big brother with all his childish and fanciful threats and so-called connections will be able to save you from my verbal attacks if you do not tread wisely. 
I don't take prisoners when it comes to debate and public commentry. 
I advise you not to provoke me any further.
I wish you and yours well.

It is a delight to introduce any literary work that oozes out of Anthony Kila’s fertile brain and versatile mind; especially considering the fact that his writing exhibits uniqueness not only in stylistics but in its philosophical, classical, ideological, Aristotelian pedagogy and pragmatism, originality and sequential layout with the artistry and aesthetics of Italian architecture.

Epistles, sub-titled Reflections on Nigeria touches on virtually all aspects of life and living and is categorised/compartmentalised/departmentalised/ in 13 broad-based parts viz: Aviation, Business and Economics, Covid-19, Education, Environment, Ethnic Nationality, Health, Law & Corruption, Monarchy, Politics, Religion, Security, Social Media, Youth and is concluded with a chapter on EndSARS. {#EndSARS was added to Nigeria’s lexicon by angry Nigerian Youths who dared to massively demonstrate for a stop to police brutality and malfeasance.}

Epistle (/ɪˈpɪsəl/; Greek: ἐπιστολή, epistle, "letter") is defined as a writing directed or sent to a person or group of people, usually an elegant and formal didactic letter. Kila, a scholar of classics and pedagogue remains faithful to this broad definition in all the articles in this rich and engaging collection.

The close to 400-page volume is a compilation of some of Anthony Kila’s essays on national issues. Essay after essay, readers are treated to factual chronicles and considerations based on his world view and positions in forms of letters sometimes to readers and, other times, to specific individuals who are protagonists of the topic being treated. The book tries to convey important questions in simple and clear language and always proffers a solution on every issue treated. The teacher in Kila rears its head and runs through all the articles in the brilliant collection.

As to be expected the opening chapter which chronicles personal experiences and observations on the country’s aviation sector is written in the classical tradition of Travelogue with its rich vividness and descriptive flavour while in the same breath the author seeks to teach the operators of the sector what to do and what not to do. “Time to rethink and reset Aviation”, he wrote matter-of-factly.

Chapters on Politics and Religion occupy prominent portions of the collection for obvious reasons: politics, political economy and the hues and cries generated by political acts of commission and omission, including wars, sanctions and threats the world over are the most commonly discussed and debated subjects in the media. And for a developing economy like Nigeria, it is more vociferous. The same is the issue of religion in a country which parades more Churches and Mosques than factories and where people are more addicted to prayers and fasting than working.

Any attempt to critique or even summarise each article in this collection will amount to writing another book, and any attempt to do a literary portrait of the author, a master of witticism and syllogism, may also end up in a fat book because Kila; his thoughts, his art and style, is a subject by itself.

In keeping with the tradition of Epistles, Anthony Kila writes directly to his audiences, which may be personal, collective, professional, governmental or which-ever, whatever, whom-so-ever.

“Dear Noemi Kila, Today’s epistle is addressed to you partly because generally speaking charity begins at home and it doesn’t get homelier than with you;’

“What do you think is the main problem facing Nigeria? Yes, you are not the only one that thinks so.” Direct conversation approach.

The Epistle is rich in samples of Kila’s authoritative style of conveying his thoughts to the reader and by addressing them directly, Anthony Kila makes each and every one of them a captive listener who must hear him out even if he or she disagrees with his views.

On the issue of engaging non-education graduate members of the National Youths Corps in teaching, Kila, a scholar and educationist charges “it is one thing to know maths, economics, biology or literature, it is another thing to know how to teach it. The fact that we do not consider this simple fact is a grave indictment of our consideration for education and one of the strong reasons why our educational system is failing’’.

His intervention in the prolonged tussle between a Pro-Chancellor and a Vice-Chancellor, Kila again, magisterially declares “in a citadel that wants to produce impactful ideas and great minds, a Pro- Chancellor does not exert power, the Pro-Chancellor exerts influence.”

On the country’s 49-year-old National Youths Service Corps, Kila opines, with his usual punctilious authority “The easiest thing to do is to scrap the scheme. We have 2 years to think of what to do with it. If we do not want to disband the NYSC here is an option: Let us make NYSC optional and specialised”.

On the absurdity of elected politicians being bosses to traditional rulers in Nigeria “there is something shockingly wrong intellectually, and morally flawed in a system wherein someone elected to an office for a maximum of eight years, if everything goes well, has the power and duty of installing, funding and maybe even sanctioning someone that is meant to be in power for life”.

Epistles is rich in aphorisms, oxymoron, onomatopoeia and ecstatic play on words which, combined, makes the book rich in quotable quotes: “History has shown that regions that have always had someone in power have little to show for their presence there”. “Unchristian Christianity of our Christian Association” and “collective consciousness for constructive confrontation’ are few examples of Kila’s dance with words.

Kila, a philosopher and writer in journalism, defines his audience; he does not write in a vacuum. ‘’Dear Spiritual fathers and mothers’’...He addresses his targeted audience, some of them he calls to debate, some he celebrates, and some he hurls bricks and stones at, depending on how deaf or dumb or blind the audience is. And when he hurls stones and bricks, he does it with refreshing refinement and elegance of language.

On Insecurity he pointedly tells Mr. President “In war, there are only two options: you can only fight or surrender there is no option for pretending not to know it is war”

He calls NCC’s ultimatum to Nigerians “a Nonsensical Nuisance Taken Too Far”

The Epistles is concluded with what Kila, a professor of Strategy and Development, calls an ‘appeal for the development of a collective consciousness for constructive confrontation which is aimed and directed mainly at the young people of this country and those elsewhere in the world.’

In summary, the beauty and flawlessness of Kila’s deployment of language is found in his tribute to MKO Abiola:

“As if to teach all a lesson about how nothing is absolutely certain and how everything is possible in life, MKO Abiola left the world as President that did not preside, a known winner that was not declared though after convincingly winning right in front of the whole world. To become such a winner, he ticked all the proverbial boxes, dinned and wined with all the right people and made friends in high and low places and his web of connection covered every corner of his country but alas his friendship and connection was not enough to give him his ultimate desire, rather he got death.”

As the co-founder of the prestigious League of Nigerian Columnists Anthony Kila lives up to his billing as a most thoughtful, incisive, courageous and unambiguous Opinion leader and Agenda Setter.

I wholeheartedly recommend this collection which opens a window to the heart and brain of one of Africa’s most engaging, refreshing, and enriching Minds. I applaud the quality and elegance of the book cover especially for its clarity and depth with its purity of Obatala motif and the outspokenness of Ayekooto in the plume, with a touch of Sango's fiery flame.

The police have arrested a father and mother who allegedly buried a newborn baby in the Kiyawa Local Government Area of Jigawa State in Northwest, Nigeria.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state DSP Lawan Shiisu Adam who confirmed this in a statement said “On receipt of the hideous report, a team of Policemen mobilized and proceeded to the scene of the crime.

According to him, A 30-year-old Balaraba Shehu of Tsurma village, who is the mother, and Amadu Sale alias Dan Kwairo ‘m’ age 25 years conspired to kill the child to cover up their unwanted pregnancy.

“On arrival, detectives swung into action and exhumed the newborn baby from the toilet, where he was buried by the suspected mother. The suspects were arrested and are now in police custody,” the statement added.

The Commissioner of Police, Jigawa State Police Command, CP Emmanuel Ekot Effiom, directed that the case should be transferred to SCID Dutse, for discreet investigation.

The suspects would be charged to court to face the full weight of the law upon completion of the investigation.

[Channels TV]

Former Nigerian lawmaker, Senator, Shehu Sani, has reacted to the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar’s statement that he may not use Nigerian hospitals for his personal health care if elected into power in 2023.

Naija News recalls that Atiku, during the Arise Television presidential town hall meeting series, on Sunday,  had revealed that he might not patronize Nigeria health care facilities if he becomes the next president in the country.


The PDP flagbearer said that the reason for this is because the hospitals that would cater for him might not be available as there are limitations in the Nigeria’s health sector.

According to him, “Health facilities that cater to my health may not be available.”

“We have limitations; we know we have those limitations.”

Reacting to Atiku’s statement via his Twitter handle, Sani praised Atiku for not toeing the line of deception.

He wrote: “Rather than lie that when he wins he will restrict himself to Nigerian hospital, it’s better that Atiku refused to toe that path of campaign deception.”

Nigerian political elites are known for visiting foreign hospitals for their medical welfare and this decision has mostly being attributed to the inadequate medical facilities in the country.


Juliana Olayode has opened up about her raging cravings for sex, revealing she’s considering marriage.


The actress, who is also known as Toyo Baby in the series Jenifa’s Diary, in a monologue to her fans, said she is having a hard time abstaining from sexual intercourse.

Olayode, who described her body as having become her own adversary, said her mind has been craving sex.

“Your dearest sister has been going through a lot. My body has been fighting against me like I don’t know it again. It’s getting more difficult to abstain from sex. Everything in my head is screaming sex,” the actress said.


“You don’t know that, the same pressure you go through, I go through even worse. The way it’s going, I’m thinking of getting married for sex.”

Juliana Olayode, while arguing for premarital abstinence from sex, urged fans to find resilience in their faith.

“I have never struggled sexually like I have these past few months. The temptations were huge. I was almost thinking I was bewitched,” she wrote in the caption of the footage.


“Again I was reminded that, on this journey, your strength will fail you and that it takes God to please God. We can not walk this path relying on our own strength, or else we will fall.

“I decided to share my struggles, just to encourage at least one person. Some of y’all who think I have superpowers would know that I have flesh and blood just like y’all.

“Abstaining from sex or staying sexually pure is a decision I have to constantly make every day.

“This is also to encourage somebody who is almost giving up on this journey to hang in there. Remember why you started and draw strength from God and his word.”

[Channels TV] 

Fast-rising Nigerian singer Ijekimora says that one of the things she’s heard about Ghanaian men is their hesitation to spend on women.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Ijekimora compared men from Ghana to those from her country, Nigeria.

According to her, Nigerian men spend more on their women than Ghanaian men do.

She added that most of her Ghanaian friends are dating Nigerian men because of that.

“I heard Ghanaian men don’t like to spend. I hear they don’t like to release cash. All my Ghanaian girlfriends are dating Nigerian men because of money.

“I don’t know how much my girlfriends spend but they are happy. The Nigerian men use their money to get the girls.”

Andy Dosty then jumped to the defence of his countrymen by pointing out some of the qualities they have.

According to him, “Ghanaian men are responsible, they have enough money to spend and are gentlemen”.


Ijekimora, however, agreed with Andy Dosty’s assertion that Ghanaian men are gentlemen.

“They are gentlemen and that is one thing I like about them. Maybe I have not met the right Ghanaian. One thing I know for sure is that they like Ghanaian women; you know, the ones with big bum bums and small waists.”

Ijekimora is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. She is from Awomama, in Imo State, Nigeria, and is the second child of her family.

She has 5 siblings; two brothers and three sisters and comes from a very religious background and lived in America all her life.


She’s a soulful singer who blends her Pan-African sound with her western influence. She has a love for hip-hop culture and mostly reflected in her musical approach.

At the moment Ijekimora is ever ready to take over Nigeria’s music space and Africa Entertainment by storm.

Her recent release single Temptation is enjoying a lot of airtime on many radio airwaves locally and internationally.