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Friday, 31 March 2023 05:57

[OPINION] Renounce teaching for learning to foster - Shosanya Babatunde

Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi


Carlson and Hastie (1997) believe teachers and students agendas need to overlap and be in support of each other, and the result would be a positive learning environment.

Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi a Prolific writer, Historian, Scholar Researcher, Educationist par excellence and Activist who is very passionate about teaching the profession because of the role played by teachers around the world which can never be overstated

Once upon a time a student's name Giada came to make an enquiries about learning an instrument. I happen to be around at the reception and this gives me opportunity to engage her for some minutes and I said I am a teacher! She looks at me and replied and so what ; l was terrified and comport myself and ask Giada is there any problem for being a teacher ? After several conversations with this little girl l realize her frustration in the context of some selected teachers. Since that they l renounce teaching because is not learning. 21st century student understands a teacher are for teaching why learning is for the student.

21st-century student is very aggressive, fast, knowledge and technological lnclined. So, for us that claim to be a teacher it is pertinent to be in the same space with our student if we want to stay relevant of course this might sound awkward more importantly, it's a reality. As a teacher, you cannot teach the way you were taught some decade ago.

21st-century teacher must pay attention for you to remain relevant and claim you are truly a teacher. Find out new acceptable way to achieve your goals in the classroom and connect with the student. If you want to go far, I advise do not disregard student input and knowledge in the class. As a teacher don't be static endeavor to explore new ways of teaching your subject.

As a teacher dig deep on current trend in education and abreast a new pedagogy and techniques in your teaching. Position yourself in the need of students and teach them how to become a problem solver. 21st century teachers should be resourceful, train and retrain yourself in addition must have growth and open mindset and continuously learning with personal development.

It's not a recent news that there is a paradigm shift in learning and teaching. 21st century teacher must align with the trend if you want to still relevant. New technology continues to emerge, as an educator let's explore and learn to be teachable. As far as I'm concerned l'm looking for more responsibility with new innovations in teaching and fresh ideas. In conclusion, calling myself a teacher might be justified in front of students. In addition As an educator we should realize teaching is not learning, rather learning occured solely of teaching. I've always loved to teach and l do believe educators should be a learner and learning is a life long activity. I advise teachers across the globe to Renounce teaching for learning to foster.

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