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Monday, 29 May 2023 07:23

[OPINION] Account Of My Stewardship To The Good People Of Ebonyi State - David Umahi

With gratitude to Almighty God, I stand before you today to perform one of my last duties as the Governor of Ebonyi State and to bid farewell to all Ebonyians, especially to those who contributed in one way or the other in the successes we have recorded in the last eight (8) years.In the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, the bible says  that “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace”.

 About this time in 2015, I took oath of office and in obedience to the above quotation, the laws of our land and law of nature, it is a time to bow out.

 I consider it a great honour for this divine privilege to serve the people of Ebonyi State as Governor from 2015 to 2023. On this occasion, it is appropriate for me to once again thank God Almighty for honouring me with His grace, love, favour and protection in the 8 years of my social contract with the people of Ebonyi State and to appreciate our destiny helpers and benefactors who battled the odds of the times to ensure not only that our administration came on board but also that we came, saw and conquered.

 The story of my journey to this office as Governor of Ebonyi State, the challenges that confronted our administration and the successes we recorded are shared testimonies of God’s abiding grace that did not only see us through but also anchored our administration in glory. We prayed for God to use us as a vessel of honour to prosper our State, to change our lamentation to laughter, to fight our battles, to disappoint the gossipers, to remove the mountains that inhibit the development of Ebonyi State, to turn our humiliation into triumph, to turn our prayers into reality to reveal every hidden treasure in the land of Ebonyi State and to build a City of Pride that will earn the recognitions of nations.

 Today, God has given us a State of our pride. We have been emancipated from the shackles of under-development, rejection and dejection. We are now a reference point in innovative development. We prayed for God’s grace to finish strong. We prayed for God to bless our Divine Mandate with a successor with the capacity and passion to deepen the development prospects of our State. Today, God has answered our prayers with a successor with outstanding pedigree, who has served the State with dedication and commitment. We can say that “we have run a race, wehave fought the good fight, we have finished the race, we have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7),

  • OUR CAMPAIGN PROMISES:                                      In our commitment to God who made our victory possible in 2015 and 2019 General Elections and in pursuance of our social contract with the people of Ebonyi State, we made firm promises which we did read at our inaugural address of 2015. I stand here in Thanksgiving to God Almighty for He has been faithful and has never let us down. We promised to tackle education, security, urban renewal, health, agriculture and food production, infrastructural development, solid mineral development, youths and women empowerment, welfare of our people, peace and unity and civil service reforms. We set the core values and guiding principles of our administration that would help us achieve our vision and mission for the State. In our 2019 inaugural address, we captured the promises and progress made and where we hoped to be in economic regeneration and human capital development by the time we would be winding up on May, 29th

 The remarkable day is here with us. Our achievements and challenges are captured in the song that says:

We are able to go up and take the country,

and possess the land from Jordan to the sea:

Though the giants may be there our way to hinder,

     our God has given us the victory.

 Our achievements are founded on the need to empower the State to attain a higher level in economic growth and development and to have the necessary strategic, critical, social and physical infrastructure that would make Ebonyi the economic hub of the South East. Today, the thematic sectors have been given massive attention. This was made possible by the inspirations of God and our unflinching commitment to the mission statement and our five-fold covenants which God gave to me us himself.


 The Five-Fold Covenants are:

  • To serve Ebonyi State with the fear of God.           The fear of God they say is the beginning of wisdom. This virtue was the bedrock of our administration and the secret of our success. In all our administration did in the 8 years, I was conscious of my covenant with God and the oath of my office which is to handle the affairs of all manners of people, all Local Government Areas, all zones of the State and indeed all men and women in the State and Nigeria with the fear of God. In achieving this, we battled against selfishness, clannishness and discrimination based on where one comes from, we ensured equity and equality in the distribution of the dividends of democracy and allocation of the resources of the State.

 We ensured effectiveness in the costing of our projects and prudence in the management of the State funds. Quality assurance, probity and accountability were our watchwards. Our public and civil servants who worked with us made sacrifices in order to give our State the best. We entrenched the principle of zoning in the body politic of the State. Every community was made to have a sense of inclusion in the elective positions and appointments shared under our administration. We made sure that every Local Government Area has a fair share of the projects and key offices of government and that our brothers and sisters were only those who conformed to the moral and ethical standards required to work with our administration.  We neither slept nor slumbered in ensuring that our State comes best in all indices of development. We ensured transparency in the conduct of government’s financial transactions. All our Exco decisions were not only regularly made available to the public through Press briefing, they were also sent to our website for our people all over the world to access.

 Our inter-personal relations with stakeholders have been cordial. Where apologies were required, we did, where forgiveness was required, we did not waste time. Our welfare programmes were for the poor and the rich, the old and the young, the partisan and non-partisan, those who were against us and those who were with us; our party faithfuls and opposition forces alike. We had inclusive governance and never declared anybody an enemy of our administration.

 We stooped low to conquer.

  • To prosper Ebonyi State with the Word of God.         In our commitment towards achieving the purpose of God for Ebonyi State and the aspiration of the founding fathers, we pledged to serve Ebonyi State in deference to God Almighty. This virtue of our administration remains the secret of our success in the last 8 years. We partnered with the men and women of God, the Divine Mandate Pastors, CAN, Bishops and Churches to ensure that our administration’s ideals have a spiritual backing.

 One of the legacies of this administration is the culture of praise and worship, periodic thanksgiving, fasting and prayer, evangelization by notable men of God. Our administration played host to great preachers and this added value to our relationship with God as a people. We bonded with all the religious groups in our efforts to reinvent value re-orientation in the State. We introduced school evangelism with a charge to preach the world of God in all our schools and counsel our children on value re-orientation. It is worthy to mention that virtually in every house of God we went to, we were inspired to tackle their immediate needs; we made donations, reconstructed their access roads and most importantly sought for their prayers for the peace of our State. We never discriminated against other faith especially our Muslim brothers & sisters as we extended same treatment to them especially sponsoring their pilgrimage to Mecca a number of times.

 For this, I remain grateful to all the religious groups that stood by our administration.


  • To make Ebonyi State the number one Economy in the whole country.                                                       Our administration understood the enormity of this covenant with God and started from day one to aggressively and tirelessly pursue the cause of development. We deployed all the days of our social contract with the people towards realizing this goal.

 We deployed our passion and commitment, ingenuity and professionalism in ensuring that this goal of making Ebonyi State the number one economy in the whole country was pursued.

 To the visionary, our administration has done justice to this goal. Today in Nigeria, the State under our administration has been adjudged as:

  • having the best and smoothest network of roads after Abuja and Lagos
  • the fastest developing State in the Country
  • the State with the highest number of flyovers after Abuja and Lagos and the administration with the highest record of road and flyover construction in Nigeria
  • the State with the biggest Shopping Mall ever built by a government in Africa.
  • the State with the biggest light tunnel in Nigeria, a 4-way light tunnel that glitters in the night and represents the new face of Ebonyi State
  • the State with the best Airport in Nigeria, and the longest runway and tarmac in Nigeria done on concrete pavement of 14 inches thickness
  • the State with the most elegant University of Health Sciences and Teaching Hospital in West Africa with a centre of excellence for the production of dialyzers, treatment of heart diseases, heart transplant, cancer, liver problems, etc.
  • the State with the best Government House and the biggest Exco Chamber in Nigeria
  • the State with the best International Market in South East.
  • the State with the biggest Fertilizer Blending Plant in South East, having 80mt capacity per hour
  • the State with the biggest Recycling plant in South East having 200 metric tonnes capacity per day
  • the State with biggest State Ecumenical Centre in Nigeria, having over 20,000 sitting capacity
  • the State with over 1000-kilometer Street light that shines non-stop across the metropolis, satellite towns and Local Government Areas
  • the State with the most conducive socio and physical environment for investment in South East


We have attained other feats such as:

  • the best State in Capital Budget implementation, investment in capital projects
  • the best State in Nigeria in Economic Growth (Budgit Office 2021).
  • the most prudent State in the use of public resources in Nigeria (Budgit Office 2021).
  • the 2nd Best State in 2021 Fiscal performance rating (Budgit Office 2021).
  • the least indebted State in the South East, (and 33rd in Nigeria) only 3 States are ahead of Ebonyi State in Nigeria (Budgit Office 2021).
  • the 4th best State on controlled borrowing in Nigeria and the best in South East (Budgit Office 2021).
  • the 4th best State on investment towards self-reliance (Road to State’s viability).
  • above average in maternal mortality ratio (2018 World Bank State of States Health index)
  • one of the 10 best States in Economic Development performance (Philips Performance Index of the year 2020)
  • one of the 5 best States in Nigeria (2020 State Fiscal Sustainability Index).
  • One of the largest producers of Rice in Nigeria in the year 2021 (Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment).
  • the 2nd best State in Empowerment and Job Creation in South East (National Bureau of Statistics in 2020).
  • the best State in South East in Primary Health Care.
  • the 2nd cleanest State in Nigeria and the cleanest State in South East by Clean Up Nigeria (2021)

 It is good to know that the 25-years State Development Plan prepared by USAID which I have endorsed will assist the incoming administration to deepen our prospects in this regard.

 To passionately help the widows and the oppressedOur administration saw the need to see to the cause of the widows and the oppressed including the women and girl-child as the cause of humanity, and this is the divine purpose of governance. We introduced empowerment and welfare programmes for the widows and the less privileged.

 Today, the widows and the oppressed including the women can testify of the magnitude of what government has done to improve their standard of living. We have over 43000 widows, who each received One Hundred Thousand (N100,000.00) Naira Empowerment funds, over 300 widows who received monthly stipends, we constructed houses for indigent widows, we gave empowerment of N200,000 each to 403 wives of Security officials drawn from virtually all the Security Agencies in the State.

 All our empowerment programmes were targeted at the youths and women, including the oppressed and downtrodden.

 The Pet project of my dear wife in the Family Soccour and Upliftment Foundation was also used to give soccour to the widows and the downtrodden. My dear wife embarked on aggressive battle to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and today this evil practice has been eliminated and Ebonyi is an FGM - Free

 Apart from the battle she won against FGM, her foundation substantially address1ed other dangerous unorthodox practices like harmful widowhood, rape, denial of family inheritance, child abuse and abandonment of aged parents among others and championed not only the domestication of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law but also its enforcement across the State. She used the opportunity of our empowerment programmes to provide skill acquisition programmes for women and constructed houses for indigent widows.

 These welfare programmes are in addition to the programs of the office of the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Religious and Welfare Matters, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham C. Nwali where financial assistance has been offered to deserving persons including the CAN and the Divine Mandate Minsters of God, State Legionaries, members of School Evangelism, physically challenged and the widows and aids in form of hospital bills to indigent Ebonyians hospitalized in FETHA 1, FETHA 11, David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences Community Hospital Uburu, Mile 4 Hospital Abakaliki, Cape Hospital, Grace Hospital and Mater Dei Hospital, Afikpo and other health institutions.

 Today, Ebonyi State is reckoned with in the area of Affirmative Action and Gender Mainstreaming, as we have promoted the women in politics. All through the period of our administration, women are compulsorily made Vice Chairmen of all the Local Government Areas. Today, a woman is the Head of Service, a woman is the Chairman of Civil Service Commission, women are also making exploits as Council Chairmen, Legislators and State Executive Council members. Today, our administration has broken record as the first in the history of Ebonyi State to produce a female Deputy Governor who will be sworn-in a matter of hours as the 5thelected Deputy Governor of Ebonyi State. Congratulations to our women.

 Through the Office of the SSA on Welfare and Religiouss Matters, we paid 58 Million Naira monthly to take care of the sick, the widows, the hospitalized, the aged, the needy and the vulnerable persons through the arrangement of the Churches and other religious bodies.


  • To build God a befitting place of worship like Solomon did so that any Ebonyian that is faced with any difficulty anywhere in the world and turns to the direction of the temple and calls upon the name of the Lord, God will answer such prayers.

 Our commitment to this covenant was born out of the sheer need to bring to the fore, the importance of God in the lives of Ebonyi people and the Divine Mandate administration. Like Solomon, we built a monumental edifice and befitting sanctuary of God that the people of all works of life, corporate bodies and groups may use the facility for spiritual and social corporate events.

 We are happy that the State Ecumenical Centre is one of the projects we executed during our tenure and it has been a wonderful facility that most of the times, houses the fellowship of the Divine Mandate family, other governmental and non-governmental programmes.

 Our administration also built 4 Churches at Church Avenue Uburu, namely,Presbyterian Church, Assemblies of God Church, Redeemed Church and Christ Ascension Church. In the course of our construction, some of these church buildings were destroyed and we just had to rebuild them.


 The different denominations are making good use of the place for church service and this brings a sense of dignity to the people of God and glory to God Almighty. We also built our Government House Chapel within Ochoudo Centenary City. We thank God who has seen our honest hearts and has answered our prayers in all the developmental projects we embarked upon in the last 8 years.



Our mission was to enhance the welfare of our people and empower all of them to be self-reliant through the compassionate delivery of transparent and God fearing governance based on integrity and dignity. The miracles we see in our exploits in the different sectors are direct products of our commitments to these ideals.



Our policy thrust was geared towards addressing the various critical sectors of development and benchmarking our physical and socio-economic infrastructure with a view to attending a greater threshold in our aspirations towards self-reliance, revenue generation, job creation, industrialization and to give value to the standard of living and prosperity of our people.

 Our administration views education as the most important sector in human development which is needed to raise our mental, psychological, moral and emotional wellbeing as a people. Before 2015, our State was classified as educationally disadvantaged, we had dire need to address poor infrastructure at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education in the State. We had alarming case of out-of-school children and poor school enrolment. The rate of street hawking by Ebonyi youths was alarming. Our people had little sense of confidence and self-worth because of the degrading and stigmatizing level of social stratification that we suffered as a people.

 In our bid to revolutionize the statusquo, we worked towards reviving the programmes and policies on education, we decided to reinvent a workable curriculum and adaptable infrastructure that will trigger the passion of the pupils, students and teachers for education. We introduced out-of-school children programmes and entrenched discipline and reward system to motivate hard work. Education was factored in our security and welfare initiatives in order to give our children the hope and confidence to school in the State.

  Our Performance in Education:

Our performance in education is best captured in the attainment certain institutions and individuals have made since we came on board. For instance,

  • We have since exited the map of educationally disadvantaged States in Nigeria
  • In 2017, a local Government in Ebonyi State (Ikwo) was adjudged by NUC as having the highest number of undergraduates among the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria.
  • In 2017, a student of Ebonyi State Secondary School was adjudged by NUC as having the best result in Medicine and Surgery in JAMB Examinations
  • In 2022, in the National School Science Competition conducted by Federal Ministry of Science and Technology for Presidential Award, Ebonyi State became the third best State in School Science in Nigeria as one of the Students of EBSU Secondary School came overall 3rdbest in Science education.
  • Today, Ebonyi State has continued to be among the best 10 performing States in WAEC  and NECO
  • Our out-of-School Children programme has improved.
  • Our administration constructed David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences and Teaching Hospital which is the best in Africa.
  • Our target on School enrolment, girl child education and better Education for all.

 We have increased the interest of youths in education through the construction and reconstruction of over 2000 World class primary school blocks across the 171 wards of the State, the reconstruction and equipping of the three Government Technical Schools in the State, remodeling and reconstruction of the modern secondary schools and construction of more Tertiary Schools including School of Nursing and Midwifery, Federal University of Health Sciences, King David Gifted Academy for the brightest of the students across the LGAs, Vocational College for artisans, craftsmen and technicians, adult education for our teaming market men and women as well as our farmers who had little or no opportunity of going to school. We have institutionalized plan to have Aeronautical University and University of Science and Technology in the State to be located in Ezza South and Izzi LGAs respectively.

 Our State paid counterpart funds to access UBEC intervention projects, BESDA projects, cluster tracking programme of teachers among others.

 So far we have reduced the rate of out-of-school children from 12 % to 2%. We have accessed all our UBEC counterpart funds up to 2022 and have constructed brand new school buildings numbering over 4,000 numbers, renovated over 3,000 school buildings all scattered in 13 LGAs of our state. We have provided furniture, laboratory equipment, computers. We have trained and retrained our teachers. We have also provided boreholes and toilets to all these new buildings and renovated ones. Our 2022/2023 UBEC jobs are presently ongoing. We have increased teachers retirement age from 60 to 65 years or 40 years of unbroken service.

 I am happy to note that our orientation and new mindset which are a product of education, freedom and transformation are now on a high tempo and this is another hallmark in our quest to change the narratives of the State and it is one of the greatest achievements of our administration


This sector was considered by our administration as very critical in the developmental aspirations of our State. We inherited a sorry State of road infrastructure. We had other existing infrastructure that needed reconstruction, renovation or completion so that our people could make optimum use of the facilities. We saw a need to address pressing infrastructural needs and we braced up to it with systems of control, monitoring and evaluation. We pledged to be aggressive in addressing the infrastructural deficit with quality, honesty and high proportion of local content.

 Road Infrastructure

We kept our promise on road infrastructure and thus made the State a construction site from our first to our last day in office. Today, we have broken records in road construction. We brought a new concept on road construction based on the challenges of our sub-soil. Today, Ebonyi State is a global village with durable network of road built on concrete pavement of minimum of 8 inches thickness that was introduced to address road failures hitherto suffered by the State.  We have actualized the objective of our administration in the works which is to construct, reconstruct ad rehabilitate urban and rural road network in the State so as to stabilize the public transport sub-sector of the economy and maintain smooth drive, reduce accident , check insecurity and guarantee safety in our transport system.

 Time will fail me to mention all the roads we constructed, but we made sure that every  Local Government Area has at least 40 kilometers road done in rigid pavement, we created more satellite towns in each of the Senatorial Zones and created more roads to bring the satellite towns to a befitting status. Our administration dualized the major Federal and State roads and connected major junctions leading to major communities with twin flyovers to ensure ease of transportation and business. When in my inaugural address in 2015, I promised to build at least 6 flyovers, people screamed astonishingly but today, we have 14 twin flyovers of average of 23 spans, which we started and completed in less than 8 years. We now have as fully completed twin flyovers, Ibeto 20 spans twin Flyover, Sen. Sam Egwu 23-Span twin Flyover, Dr. Offia Nwali 23 Spans Flyover, Akanu Ibiam 23-Spans twin Flyover, Margaret Umahi International Market 25 Spans twin Flyover, President Muhammadu Buhari 33 Spans Light Tunnel, Engr. Fidelis Kings Nweze 23 Spans twin flyover, Prince Arthur Eze 23 Spans Flyover, Akanu Ibiam Amasiri Junction twin Flyover, 29-Spans President Goodluck Jonathan Iyere Edda Flyover, David Umahi Federal University 23 spans twin Flyover, St. Joseph Umahi 23 Spans twin Flyover, Bishop Nnachi Okoro, 26 Spans Flyover, we also completed many bridges including the 2-Spans Bridge across Ebiya River along Amikeaba-Ozibo, 6-Spans Bridge across Ebonyi River at Ishinkwo, 2 Nos 2-spans bridges along Hill Top-Nwofe Road, 6-spans Reinforced concrete bridge along Ogwor-Okue-Nzerem road, 4 span reinforced concrete bridge along Amagu- Uburu-Akaeze road, 2Nos. 2-spans reinforced concrete bridge at Ishinke-Odomoke Road, 2-spans Bridge at Umuchima river, 4-spans bridge at Ivo River along Uburu Akaeze road, 4-spans bridge at Esu Umunaga, along Uburu Mpu road, 2 Nos 2-span Bridges at Nguzu edda, 3-Spans Akadoro bridge, 2-spans and 4Nos 1-span bridges at Ora in Amaeze and Ochin in egedegede at Nkalagu respectively along Nkalagu- Ehamufu road.

 We have Ebia-Amikeaba reinforced Concrete bridge. For Pedestrian bridges, we have Ebonyi State University Permanent Site Pedestrian Bridge, Margaret Umahi International Market Pedestrian Bridge, Nkaliki Junction Pedestrian Bridge, Akpu Egwu Pedestrian Bridge and Umunaga Primary School Pedestrian bridge.

We realized the execution of 198 kilometers ring road project cutting across 8 Local Government Areas of Ebonyi North and Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zones which was a conceptualization that had been in incubation since the regime of old Enugu State. This touch of road infrastructure has been benefited by many churches, Schools, health institutions, commands of security agencies, government critical infrastructure, traditional rulers and many other stakeholders of the State.

 So far, a total of 1500 kilometer roads have been constructed in the State under our administration and those roads have helped in inter community connectivity, thus making the State a global village. Areas that were cut off when we came on board can now be accessed. These roads are scattered across the major communities linking communities with each other.

 It is a thing of joy for the people of Ebonyi State regarding these roads that we have done for our people (as contained in the table below)





Amenu – Enuegu – Umuchima Eweze road

8.5 km


Ovudechi- Oyege – Nduofutu road

3.5 km


Eworoshade – Nduegu- Amegu road

3.5 km


Okposi – Umuoghara – Ebiaji – Achiegu road

11.5 km


Ishieke – Odumoke  road



Nkwegu Cantonment Internal Roads



Umorbo – Ihenu  ring road



Onuigboji – Nnoyo stadium road



GTC – Agba – Agbaenu road

10.3 km


Obujia – Nwanwu road



Oferekpe-Obvudechi-Ovege road

9.3 km


Ojum Nwida road



Okoffia internal roads



Abakaliki-Afikpo road



Hill Top-Nwofe road



Nkalagu-Ehamufu Road



Ndiagu Layout road



Agba-Isu Road



Onueke- Ezzama-Oshiri-Onicha-Obiozara road



Amasiri - Owutu-Oso Edda road



Golf-Quarry Expressway road



Ezza road-Emefor Abakaliki Urban Internal Road



Ezzangbo-Effium- Section of Abakaliki Ring Road



Enya Aja Eze road in Uburu



Onicha- Isu-Ohiozara road



Uburu-Isu Road



Ogwor-Nzerem-Okue road



Okposhi-Umuoghara - Ebiaji road



Abaomege-Ishinkwo-Ukawu-Ugwulangwu-Okposi Road



Onueke- Ezzama-Oshiri road



Ngodo-Mater –Ozizza Road



OgbodoEnyim – Etegu-Ndioduma Road



Abakaliki – Afikpo road



Amasiri – Okposi – Uburu road



Ugwuachara – Water Reservoir road



Chief Stephen Omege –Ogboloko-Watchman Awkuzu-Igu-Nwojiji road



Umunze – Eckankar-Enugu Expressway, Mbam Agbo phases 1 and 2 etc



Kpirikpiri junction-St. Patrick-Unity FM and Osborn La-Palm – Otozi-Stephen Mgbabor street



Amasiri – Owutu-Oso Edda road



Onueke-Internal Roads



Amuro-Eke Market Roundabout-Ngodo-St.Mary-Amagbala



Iyiali-Eke – Market road Ihie Ivo LGA



Onunwedu Junction-Elunwovu roundabout



Abaomege-Ishinkwo-Ukawu-Ugwulangwu-Okposi Road



Amakporo – Isu Road



Internal Roads at Nkwegu Cantonment, Abakaliki



Aforezunna, Anikpe and Ojebogene streets



Umuobo, Oboma, Ihenu Ring Road



Mile 50 – Ishieke dualised Concrete Road

7.26 km


Abakaliki Ring Road



 It is to be noted that our decision to create the Ministry of Infrastructural Development for Concession was informed by the expanding construction needs of our administration. The Ministry was created in 2019 to specifically handle some other critical infrastructure needs including the International Airport, dualization of Federal roads, Construction of roads leading to the critical infrastructure including the Stat-of-the-art new Government House, premises of Shopping mall, the State Ecumenical Centre, and the Four-way President Muhammadu Buhari light Tunnel

 Today, many of our youths and women have secured employment in the State International Airport and we hope that when concessioned, more opportunities in job and wealth creation will be made available to the people of Ebonyi State. We have done so much through the Ministry of Housing and urban Development and Project Monitoring to build Standard economic facilities that will create business opportunities for our people.

 In our commitment towards stimulating economic development, and raising the bar in our sense of actualization, we have put on ground many economic facilities that can attract investment, encourage industralization, create jobs and wealth for the teeming population of the State


We constructed one of the best Shopping Malls in Africa, fashioned after the Dubai Mall and it has started to generate businesses for the people of Ebonyi State. Not less than 5000 direct and indirect jobs are expected to be created through chains of business in the shopping mall. We are happy that the Mall has opened and it is private sector driven.


We completed the construction of St. Margaret Umahi International Market. Today, some marketers who tried to resist our honest initiatives are giving testimonies of the dignity and viability of the State International Market. The market has Five (5) lots with over 28,000 modern shops. Each of the shops has been given to individual marketers who are now proud shop owners.

 In this market, we built Police Stations, Microfinance Bank, Mass Literacy School, motorized borehole, cold room, sophisticated toilets and other recreational facilities that make the market one of the best among equals in the country. This market has given business opportunities to our teaming market men and women and has created over 15,000 direct and indirect jobs for our population.

 The market is surrounded by a 5-kilometer concrete road and it is situated strategically along the Trans-Sahara Highway and open to all forms of trade. Other markets we created are the building material market, the timber market, the Kpiri-Kpiri market. It is to be noted that we relocated some existing markets because of the need to bring the capital city to its standard and prepare it for maximum development. We relocated the mass transit operators and created new central park, the building material market well as the Abakpa market. The Ministry of Market and Park development was created to achieve this.

 We constructed Nweke market, Agugwu, Amenu Uburu and the Uburu regional Market. We also constructed a massive industrial cluster at Uburu for Cooperatives and Police building which houses the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and the Special Protection Intelligent Unit (SPIU). We constructed two other industrial clusters in Ohaukwu and Ishielu LGA.


Our international Airport has been completed. Sitting on 4 x 4 km and 3.5 km by 75m runway, it has the longest runway, biggest tarmac and single largest terminal building in Nigeria. Many doubted the possibility of completing the Airport project, but God in his infinite mercy saw us through. 58. We have secured approval for flight operations in the Airport. We have recruited and retrained over 500 staff in different departments of the airport through the newly created Ministry of Aviation and technology to provide staff support to the facility. You need to visit the Airport and you will be happy that you are from Ebonyi State. Through this airport, we shall raise millionaires who shall be travelling straight to any part of the world to sell and buy goods and services. It will be a money spinner in terms of revenue generation and wealth creation. We are grateful to President Muhammadu Buhari GCFRwho made time to commission it.

 The Federal Executive Council in their FEC meeting of 25/5/23 approved the FGN takeover of the Airport for concessioning and also approved the refund of the cost of  constructing the airport to Ebonyi State Government. 


My dear brothers and sister, the concept to build a world class University that would be the best in the continent came as an inspiration from God. We remembered that our nation has lost a lot in medical tourism.  We conceptualized and completed the construction of a University of Health Sciences & Teaching Hospital that will be a centre for academic excellence, medical man-power and a centre of excellence for the treatment of liver problems, cancer, heart diseases, renal diseases, eye problem, radiology services, mother and Child Care, and production of dyalizers which you cannot see anywhere in Africa.

 Today, the school has taken-off in earnest and the Teaching Hospital is working. We have created over 1600 direct jobs and 2000 indirect jobs in both the University and the Teaching Hospital. You need to see how beautiful the University looks. I must also use every opportunity like this to thank the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for the role he played in taking over the University and for approving that it be named after me.


Our idea of building a four-way light tunnel at Akanu Ibiam Junction is to reflect the new narrative that we now enjoy  in Ebonyi State. The Light tunnel is the new face of the State and it connects to our critical facilities including the Shopping Mall, the State Ecumenical Centre, the new Government House, the International Market and the new central Park. It links to the International Airport at the central Zone, the University of Health Sciences at the Southern zone and the ultra-modern Stadium at the Northern Zone that will be the best in Nigeria when completed among other critical facilities in the State.


Part of our mission is to change the perception and conception we had as a people before the comity of States in Nigeria. The complex they forced our people to have because of the state of our infrastructure. Government House being one of the first ports of call for visitors both nationally and internationally, we had to not only renovate the old Government House, including the entrance gate, the Presidential Lodge, the Governor’s Lodge, the Banquet hall, but we also embarked on construction of a brand new Government House that beats the elegance of its counterparts anywhere in Nigeria. We started and completed the Governor’s Lodge, the Governor’s Office, the Presidential Lodge, the First Lady’s Office, Exco Chambers, Government House Chapel and other support facilities needed to add value to the Ochoudo Centenary City. We did not only direct a full occupation of the Centenary city secretariat complex built by the previous administration by  all the Ministries, Department and Agencies but we also carried out perimeter fencing of some of the Ministries, with sensitive facilities and created more roads around the Centenary city and the new Government House and developed two (2) estates that share boundaries with the centenary city secretariat.


One of the commitments of this administration was to evolve a State that could ensure a good physical and social environment for trade, investment and tourism. We came with a desire to develop the State, connect it to the world and make it attractive to investors and tourists through creation of aesthetic and utility facilities such as the roundabouts, water fountains, ornamental decorations, traffic light, CCTV connections and Street light, underground electrical cabling, adequate trees, flowers and grassing and water supply.

 We are all living witnesses to the successes we have recorded in this regard. The capital city is a beauty to behold. The beautiful roundabouts and water fountains especially at the Capital City and the satellite towns have made our physical environment to be serene and inviting, and the trees we planted, blossom. Our street light illuminates every night from 6pm to 6am and therefore promotes night life and 24 hours business in the Capital City. The constancy of street light in Ebonyi State has been viewed by many as one of the greatest achievements of our administration as it enhances security and tourism.

 Under the street light project, our administration embarked on aggressive streetlight installation at the various streets of the metropolis and satellite towns along the roads we constructed including the dualizations, our flyovers and major junctions as well as our critical facilities, schools, barracks, health care institutions, police Stations, etc. We procured fire-fighting equipment and many Transformers, and generators, and hybrid rice husk powered plant to ensure optimum operation of our street light across the State.

 The need to change the physical environment informed our intervention on the environment of our Capital City and other parts of our State including our waste to wealth initiative, intervention on tropical environmental diseases, ecological interventions, installation of weather forecasting station across the 3 zones of the State and integrated waste management system.

 Our intervention through the NEWMAP project and ecological funds in the State have reduced drastically, erosion, flood problem and other natural disaster that used to ravage our State, especially our Capital City. Our administration completed the 1.29km Nguzu Edda Gully Remediation Works, the 4.83km Ebia River Flood Control Channelization Works, the 3.00km Odunkwe-Nkaliki- Hatchery Road Flood Control Channelization Works, the 3.85km Iyiokwu- International Market Flood Control Channelization Works and the 7.478km Iyi-Udele River Flood Control Channnelization Works and the importance of these projects cannot be over emphasized.

 We installed 200 liters capacity institutional cook stove in many of our secondary schools to provide efficient energy source and reduce carbon footprint in the State

We have 200 metric tonnes capacity recycling plant which we installed to help convert all biodegradable wastes to wealth, the borehole intervention across our communities, schools, health care centres, police Stations to mention but a few. All these interventions have helped in reducing the level of environmental pollution, degradation, depletion of natural resources and have also enhanced the preservation of our natural ecosystem.

 Part of our efforts in realizing a Capital city of our pride is the investment we made in the creation of Housing Estates and industrial parks. We developed Camp David Estate which is one of the best Estates in Nigeria, Dr. Kelechi Igwe Estate, Salt city Estate, Chief (Mrs.) Rachel Umahi Estate, City Centre Estate, Ugwuachara Housing Estate, and Pharmaceutical Park.

 Our administration attracted investment on the rural Telephony which was meant to put telecommunication network in rural villages of the State, We implemented various policies that facilitate Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) in Ebonyi State and signed MoU to fast track investment in the State. We allocated three hectares of land to the Lagos-based Computer Village Merchants free of charge to enable them invest in the State.  We signed a - 99 year business agreement with multiple Business conglomerates on the investment and development of her Ultra-modern shopping mall with 3rdRetail Solution and the place is working as we speak. Thanks to the Ministry of Trade and Investment


Upon coming on board in 2015, our administration planned to implement robust agricultural programmes to awaken the interest of our youths and women to see agriculture as a reliable means of employment and wealth generation. We pledged to mechanize Agriculture and expand our rice production potentials. Today, our Agricultural Mechanization and Commercialization Policy has brought a new paradigm of revolutionary agriculture. We started by introducing co-operative systems in our partnerships in Agriculture. We procured 40 brand new tractors with all their implements and gave to co-operatives.

 We distributed available 2,275 farm machinery including transplanters, planters, harvesters, reapers, threshers to over 500 farmers on equality of Local Government Area. We introduced one –man-one-hectare programme and profiled 53,000 farmers for rice and cassava farming and that was for the beneficiaries who were ready to do at least a hectare of land in any agric business. We gave them inputs ranging from rice seeds, agro-chemicals and fertilizer. This we did for many farming seasons under the CBN Anchor Borrowers programme and Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme. It is noteworthy to mention that we ventured into dry season farming and it was rewarding, save for want of dams and irrigations.

 We supported the small scale and commercial farmers with ₦8B Naira through CBN Agricultural Anchor borrower Scheme and released 4 Billion Naira Agricultural loan to our civil and public servants to go into Agriculture in order to support their economic livelihood. We created industrial clusters at Uburu Agba and Ekwasi-Ngbo in Ebonyi South, Ebonyi Central and Ebonyi North respectively, to encourage cooperatives and industrialists to improve productivity in the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of Agriculture. We procured 13-number bulldozers and shared to each of the 13 Local Government Areas, we procured other processing plants including rice and cassava processing plants, reactivated the existing Rice Milling clusters at Izzi, Ikwo and Afikpo South LGAs and installed a total of 36 metric tonnes per hour capacity parboiling plant making Ebonyi a State that has the largest milling clusters in West Africa. We overhauled the moribund State Fertilizer Blending Company and increased the capacity from 40 metric tons to 80 metric tons per hour and the fertilizer plant is now the biggest in the South East. We built the biggest Mushroom Plant in Nigeria in the old Government House.

 In actualizing our aims in Agriculture, we partnered with Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Ministry of Trade an Investment, the Central Bank of Nigeria, Development partners, including IFAD-VCDP, FADAMA 111 Additional Financing and other World Bank Programmes. Today, our people understand better, the gains of Agriculture in the State. Through these programmes, we have assisted farmer’s cooperatives and communities to strengthen their means of livelihood and this has impacted on the economy of the State. We are happy that our efforts in Agriculture have placed us on the map of the best performing States in Agriculture in Nigeria.


In our commitment towards making our health institutions work, our administration had a baseline survey on the state of our primary Health care, secondary health care and tertiary health care facilities. We saw the need to upgrade the 171 primary health care centres and 14 General Hospitals, revitalize the College of Nursing and Midwifery Uburu, School of Health Technology, Ngbo, and establish State Health Insurance Scheme for our civil servants and raise health capital to drive our vision on health care development in the State.

 Today, with our administration’s interventions in upgrading the primary, secondary and tertiary health care facilities, our Health Care Service Delivery System has improved. Our General Hospitals are wearing a new look in terms of infrastructure and Health care.

 We did not only embark on renovation, reconstruction and fencing of our General Hospital, we also provided social amenities including water, street light and access roads to make healthcare services available to our people. Our administration created more tertiary facilities to tackle our deficits in tertiary Health Care Service delivery, we constructed ultra-modern accident and emergency  Hospital Complex  at FETHA which we donated to Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki (AE-FUTHA), the College of Nursing  and Midwifery Uburu, David Umahi Federal University Teaching Hospital with centres of excellence for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, Liver problem, Heart Diseases, and kidney transplant. We attracted Army Referral Hospital, we established the State Health Care Insurance Scheme and this is aimed at giving medical intervention to our civil and public servants.

 Our health intervention through the construction and equipping of the virology Centre has drastically reduced the case of Laser Fever which was killing our people in dozens before we came on-board. The centre also helped us to handle Covid-19 cases both within and outside the State. This is why Ebonyi State recorded minimal cases of Covid-19 victims and was adjudged to be the 1stState in South East and South South to have a centre of excellence for the treatment of Covid-19

.Our interventions paid off in the health sector as we were rated high on control of epidermic, robust immunization coverage and medical outreaches. Little wonder the World Bank in 2018 rated the State as above average in maternal mortality ratio. Just recently, the State was given a cash grant of 500,000 US Dollars by Dangote Foundation as the best State in Primary Health Care in South East. Our State was also given award as the best State in immunization.

 I believe that our intervention in the health sector which is sustainable will make the State the next destination for medical tourism in Nigeria.


Our administration places premium on total development as a precursor for human development through youth and spot development initiative. When we came on board, we had a moribund township Stadium. We immediately carried out reconstruction and modernization of the old Abakaliki Township Stadium (Now Pa Ngele Oruta Township Stadium), constructed a classical glass pavilion that stands the Stadium out today as the best in South East. We built a standard Guest House for athletes at the entrance of the Stadium and tarred the entire premises to make it suitable for sporting activities. We stared a world class international Stadium with 30,000 siting capacity around the Centenary City and the project is about 70 percent completed. This sports infrastructure is expected to be one of the best in Africa and can turn around sports industry and create jobs for our teeming population. We reconstructed the NYSC Orientation Camp at Old Macgregor College. In our talent hunt initiative, we introduced Super Cup Football for all the workers, football competition for the young ones, Para military games, veteran football competition for people above 40 years among others.


We promised a robust engagement on investment in the solid mineral development in the State as that is our area of comparative advantage in terms of revenue generation and our first port of call was facilitating of signing of Community Development Agreement between Ibeto Group of Companies and the people of Nkalagu Community for cement production in Nigercem. Although the company is yet to take-off, we are hopeful that all the necessary bottlenecks will be loosened so the company can commence operations.

 We had a survey of the solid mineral deposits in all the Local Government Areas and their classifications, including limestone, granite, salt, zinc, and clay and this gave us an idea of the potentials of the solid mineral sub-sector. We developed a policy framework for solid mineral exploitation in the State that will give investors greater commitment in the development of their host Communities and ensure people oriented intervention guaranteed by their Community Development Agreement. Today, we have greater potentials in solid Mineral investment because of the environment we have created and that is why we have more expressions of interest in investment in our solid minerals in our State than ever.

 We have more quarry and mining companies that did agreement with their host communities based on the new template provided by the State Government and thus have raised more development funds for the host communities if properly channeled.  


Our administration from onset appreciated the importance of human development to the socio-economic prosperity of every society. Part of our commitment was to assist our teaming youths and women to have business of their own, to own small and medium scale enterprises and to produce artisans, craftsmen and technicians.

 Our policies and programmes on youths and women empowerment were geared towards raising human capital through mental empowerment, moral empowerment, health, empowerment and psychological empowerment. In achieving our set goals, we worked through the Ministry of Empowerment and Job Creation which we later changed to Ministry of Human capital Development and Monitoring for strategic reasons. We worked also with the office of SSA on Welfare and Religious Matters, and office of Her Excellency, my dear wife through family soccour and upliftment foundation as well as the Ministry of Women Affairs. We also worked collaboratively with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and other development partners including IFAD-VCDP, the CSDA and FADAMA III Additional financing.

 In our efforts to actualize our set goals, we initiated empowerment programmes including youth and women empowerment where we released a total of N750Million for 3000 youths and women, at N250,000 each, the Street to Skill Empowerment where we released a total of 130million Naira for 520 Ebonyians living in Lagos at N250,000 each, the Horticulture empowerment where we released a total of 6million Naira for Six graduates selected on equality of zones at N1 million each, the tricycle empowerment where 400 number TVS tricycles amounting to 260 Million Naira were given free of charge to Ebonyi People in Onitsha Anambra and within the State, the wives of security personnel empowerment where 403 wives of security personnel were empowered with 80.6millon Naira at N200,000 each, the Toyota Sienna Empowerment where 92 Toyota Sienna were procured and distributed to the our Commercial farmers for Agricultural use, the Divine Mandate Pastors empowerment of 500,800,000 for 5008 beneficiaries at 100,000 each, the SHE-CAN Youth Empowerment of 3,000,000,000 Naira to 3,000 beneficiaries, the Widows empowerment of 374,000,000 Naira to 4001 beneficiaries, the ENDSARS empowerment of 95,000,000 Naira to 40 Ebonyians, the Covid-19 Empowerment of 1,044,600,000 Naira to 3,482 beneficiaries, the Ebonyi Cares Empowerment of 1,080,000,000 to 9,000 Ebonyians among others .


Upon coming on board, our administration had a study of cases of existing communal crisis, inter and intra communal crisis, the crime waves in the State and major flash points, their causes, and the way forward. We also carefully looked at the causes of political tensions and youth restiveness in the State. In line with the manifestoes that brought us on board, we had to profile the cases, form committees and initiated practical actions including a legislative framework that would bring the situation under control. We came up with policies and programmes that would encourage peace, equity, justice, and empowerment of the youths and women. We introduced engagement process that are all inclusive, reorganized the security architecture of the State and formed different security outfits including Neighbourhood Watch, the Ebubeagu Security Outfit, and the Community Vigilante Corps. We had to create the Ministry of Internal Security, Border Peace, and Conflict Resolution to have a full charge of our local security architecture in partnership with the various Security agencies in the State.

I am happy that our efforts have yielded a great result.

 The Ezillo/Ezza Ezillo was tackled head-on from the first day we came to office. With the assistance of the Christian Association of Nigeria, 5-CAN Blocks, we restored peace in the two war-torn communities. Our efforts yielded fruit as we made a legendary breakthrough in the case of Ezillo and Ezza Ezillo. We also had a breakthrough in Enyibichiri - Enyigba land dispute, Abaomege - Ishinkwo (although boundary demarcation has not been concluded), Inyimagu - Ekpomaka, Amasiri - Edda to mention but a few. Our challenge in resolving the Effium and Ezza Effium communal dispute is the needless instigation by some of the stakeholders of both Communities. We spent a lot of money on keeping the peace of the place.  Regrettably, the situation has not abated.

 We resolved town union leadership tussles, Ezeship tussles, Fulani herders - farmers conflict, and inter-state boundary disputes that received our attention including Ikwo - Cross River, Izzi – Cross River, Mgbo - Agila, Isu - Nara, Ishiagu - Lokpanta, Ofenakpan - Nsobo, Ekoli Edda - Erei, Igbeagu - Yala, but more is required to put a stop to the needless incursions.

 The Ministry of Internal Security and the Department of Conflict Resolution and Legal Services are on daily track of situations and agitation in communities with a view to nipping dispute issues in the bud and resolving such problems.

 Our policy on security has been that of prevention instead of reaction. We tackled insecurity head-on by adopting mechanisms for addressing insecurity; we fortified the security architecture, we created vigilante groups including the Neighbourhood Watch,  Community Vigilante Corps, and Ebubeagu Security Outfit and we ensured engagement through advocacies, sensitizations, olive branches, and offers of rehabilitation.

 We made laws through the House of Assembly to give effect to policies and regulations we made on security, including the Law establishing Ebubeagu Security Outfit, Neighbourhood Watch, etc.

 We recruited and fortified the local vigilantes in accordance with the law establishing them. We bought and distributed Security vehicles to ease the movement of security agencies. We bought and distributed gadgets/motorcycles etc to them, we bought and installed CCTV cameras for security surveillance/ viewing centre, and install traffic lights.

 In our resolve to motivate the Federal Security Agencies in the State and encourage them in their fight against insecurity, we made it a point of duty to provide social amenities and assist in the renovation and reconstruction of their stations, barracks, and commands. A case in point is the construction of the internal roads in Army barrack with concrete pavement. We used rigid pavement concrete to re-construct the dilapidated roads in their premises. We provided boreholes, street light, and perimeter fencing where necessary, we reconstructed some dilapidated buildings. We gave them a patrol vehicle. Time will fail me to mention all our commitments to fighting against insecurity in our State.

 We are happy that today, the wave of insecurity in the State has been reduced except in isolated cases. We are happy that our State doesn't sit at home courtesy of the efficacy of our war against banditry.


We inherited a Civil Service that has no accurate data about employment needs and no reliable figures of State Civil Servants and Local Government Civil Servants that died and those that retired. We inherited a civil service that needed increased motivation training and retraining, a welfare package, and other benefits. We needed a civil service that would be closer to the public servants.

 We did our best as an administration in tackling these deficits. Our policy direction was centred on empowerment and building of disciplined and committed workforce which must be lively and accountable. We introduced a second address policy to enhance the means of livelihood of our civil servants. We profiled them for the BOI empowerment programme which is over 4-Billion Naira. We involved them in our direct labour jobs. We introduced a reward system, training, and retraining. Our civil servants have however made sacrifices by not making overtime allowance a condition precedent for them to work.


 Ebonyi State Budget Summary Appraisal 2015 – 2023

The Ebonyi State Government budget from 2015 through 2023 has been designed to fit into the Divine Mandate vision and mission.

Relentless efforts are made to implement these budgets, which are very rewarding as the programs and projects are such that they will continue to support growth in the State.

Table 1: Appraisal of State Government expenditure budget and its performances through 2015 – 2023.









































































From the data shown in Table 1 above, the State Government spent a total sum of N635,011,808,174.67between May 2015 and December 2022; this covers 60.66% of the estimates between 2015 and 2022.


Table 5: Chart showing the Expenditure trend between 2015 – 2023.

Table 2: Recurrent Expenditure Appraisal 2015 – 2023











































Chart showing Recurrent and Capital trend from 2015 to 2022

  1. From Table 2 and the chart above, the total operating cost increased between 2017 and mid-2019 and maintained a near-stable pace until 2022. This shows that the government has consistently reduced the cost of governance. On the other hand, Capital expenditure maintained a steady rise until 2019, when it had a sharp drop, though it has increased significantly to date. Between 2015 and 2022, all Recurrent costs stand at N253,996,859,503.88,representing 77.97%. While all Capital costs stand at N381,014,948,670.79,representing 52.84%

Table 3: Capital Expenditure Appraisal 2015 – 2023










































Table 4: Revenue Appraisal between 2015 – 2023












































Table 5: Chart showing the revenue trend between 2015 – 2023

Looking at the chart in Table 5 above, it is obvious that the FAAC revenue is a major source of our revenue, while the IGR collection continued to improve with a significant increase from 2019 upward. Other revenues that accrued to the State Government saw remarkable increases in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Some of these include the Excess Crude Account Refund (SUREP/SUBSIDY), IPPIS, PHCN Ground Rent refunds, Paris Club refunds, SFTAS Grants, Federal Government facilities, and more.

Table 6: Chart showing the IGR trend

The growth of our Internally Generated Revenue is very important, as shown in the chart in Table 6 above. Our administration worked vigorously to increase IGR over time. We did this by passing a revenue harmonized law that helped to streamline the codes, items, the amount collectible, and the collection processes. Several leakages were blocked, and this enhanced our IGR positions today.


Table: 8: List of awards and rating by notable international organizations

Attainments and Ratings

Rating Organization


Third place in World Bank- SFTAS 2020 Appraisal

SFTAS, World Bank


Ranked 1st in budget performance among 36 states and the FCT

SFTAS, World Bank


First place in Capital expenditure (Investment on Infrastructure) among 36 States



1st in South East and 2nd among 36 states and the FCT in budget performance ranking.



Least indebted State in South East & 4th least among 36 States.

Debt Management Office, and Budgit


Fourth place in World Bank-SFTAS 2020 Appraisal



First place in World Bank-SFTAS 2020 Additional Financing DLIs

SFTAS, World Bank


5th best state in transparency & accountability in the nation.



6th most efficient revenue services in the federation.

Joint Tax Board


Earned grants of N21,000,000,000.00

SFTAS, World Bank



The Divine Mandate administration under my watch was not without any challenge. The greatest challenge was how we could satisfy the limitless expectations of the people, having given them a passionate promise during the 2015 inauguration. As you know, the Political Party which is a vehicle that brought us on board at that time lost at the centre. Our administration came at a time the country and the world as a whole had its major case of economic meltdown, US Dollar rose geometrically, and Inflation was massive.

 The next challenge was the status of our State which was next to nothing in under-development; all projects were a priority, especially the road infrastructure and economic facilities which were absolutely non-existent. The business-as-usual syndrome was a big threat to our honest developmental ambitions. We were confronted by the problem of clannishness and selfishness.

Much later, we had problems such as #ENDSARS, Covid-19, IPOB agitation, and activities of non- state-actors, etc.

 FAAC was dwindling and our IGR was almost at the base of the ladder. We had a leaking revenue collection and un-streamlined payment modalities. Also we had a problem on how to entrench the values of hand work, commitment to duties and honesty, gratitude, and patriotism, especially in our attitude towards government affairs. Despite our challenges, we were able to change our mindset to know that the future of Ebonyi State belongs to all of us.

 There is no doubt that our 8 years in office have been eventful. We are leaving the State better than we met it. We thuggered in thick and thin together with the government appointees especially the EXCO members, the elected representatives of the people especially the House of Assembly members; the Judiciary, especially our judicial officers, our Local Government officials especially the Council Chairmen, the Coordinators, the 171 Councilors, Security agencies, the Founding Fathers and Elders Council, Traditional Rulers, Divine Mandate Pastors and Professors, CAN and CAN Blocks, Muslim Community, Hausa and Yeruba Communities, the Akubaraoha Youth Assembly, the Rachael Umahi Women for Akubaraoha, the Market Women, the Governor Umahi Beneficiaries Association (GUMEBA), Dave Nweze Umahi Support Group, Consular Support Group, FON Support Group, Women in Politics, Women in Mining, National Council for Women Society,  Ebonyi State, National Youth Council and other groups that supported our administration. We thank them all.

 We appreciate our State Civil Servants and the Local Government employees, especially their unions including NLC, TUC, and NULGE, our dear teachers, the men of the fourth estate, who always put us on our toes, a host of our women and youth groups including Rachel Umahi Women, and the different governmental and non-governmental organizations. We have partnered with different agencies and development partners, ministerial and inter-ministerial agencies at all levels of government. We have enjoyed the support of our young youths, the students, farmers and age grades, town union leaders, and indeed all Ebonyi men and women within and outside the shores of the State. And for this, I am deeply grateful.

 Let me specially thank my dear wife whom God has used mightily to organize the women and prayer groups to support us in prayers. She has been the face of the success of this administration, helping to mend fences where necessary and using her pet project to support our human capital development initiatives. My special thanks to all my children especially Osborne my first son and Heaven my dear friend for their encouragements and best wishes to our administration.

 The Deputy Governor deserves a pat on the back for remaining dependable and steadfast in the ideals of our administration. I thank him immensely and his dear wife for being who they are. I treasure their support to me.

The Rt. Honourable Speaker is a son in whom I am well pleased. Without him in the House of Assembly, perhaps, the State would have been in trouble. He has diligently pursued legislative businesses that will promote peace, and engender development in the State together with the House members. And for this, I am grateful. My trust in Mr. Speaker and Incoming Governor of Ebonyi State is unwavering. In a matter of hours, he will take up the mantle of leadership of the State as a new leader whom we all must honour and support to take our Divine Mandate to the next level

 To the Chief Judge of Ebonyi State, Hon Justice Elvis Anegu Ngene, I thank you for your commitment to the cause of justice and constitutionalism. You have added value to the dignity of the judiciary and the officers therein. You are a man of character and integrity. Thank you, my Lord. The President of the Customary Court of Appeal, His Lordship, Justice Patrick Uchenna Uhuo, has been a perfect gentleman. My appreciation to all the judicial officers

 The South East CAN Chairman, Very Rev Fr. Dr. Abraham Chukwuma Nwali and the South East Chairman of the Traditional Rulers Council HEH Eze Charles Mkpuma OFRhave been very wonderful in their support to my administration. I appreciate them immensely and wish them well in their respective offices in South East.

 Let me immensely thank my family members, General Abel Obi Umahi, HRH Eze Laz Umahi, Barr Roy Umahi, Deacon Austine Umahi, Chief Stanley Umahi, and a host of our relations. You have all been wonderful to me. I deeply appreciate you all.

 I must not fail to thank the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR. He has honoured Ebonyi State with his good heart and for this, we are eternally grateful to Mr. President. We chose to name some of our key projects after him because of his immense support and goodwill to the government and people of Ebonyi State

 We are grateful to the Vice President of Nigeria, His Excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo GCFN, SAN, the President of the Senate, His Excellency, Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan GCON, and the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila and all the National Assembly members. We thank the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Gidahyelda Mustapha CFR, GCEHF the Honourable Minister of Finance, Budget and Planning, Zainab Ahmed CON, GCEHF, the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, His Excellency Godwin Emefiele, GCEHF and a host of other development partners who have contributed in one way or the other supporting our administration in the last 8 years.

 Let me also specially thank the incoming President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Sen, Ahmed Bola Tinubu CON, the story of the completion and commissioning of the most beautiful Governor’s lodge Abuja built by our administration cannot be without you. Also deserving of our appreciation is His Excellency, Sen. Kashim Shettima, the National Chairman of our great Party, His Excellency, Abdullahi Adamu and the members of the National Working Committee, the Federal Security Chiefs and all Heads of Federal Government Agencies who have assisted our administration in one way of the other.

 I am bowing out, not out of the service of our dear State and fatherland but because of the constitutional imperative that the word of God in Ecclesiastics 3:1-8 might be fulfilled. For all those who may have wronged our administration by their conduct, omission or commission, be rest assured that it was not taken to the heart. For those who felt offended by my actions, please it was all in a bid to move our State forward. I wish you all well as I bow out and may the Most High God grant your heart desires, amen.

Thank you and God bless you.

Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE, FNATE, CON. GGCEHF

Governor of Ebonyi State.


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