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Thursday, 30 November 2023 09:44

People Are Going Through Extra-Hardship, Stop Demolishing Their Properties — Obi Tells Lagos Govt, Others

Mr Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s former presidential candidate, has responded to the recent demolition of properties in Lagos State, urging the government to take into account the prevailing hardships and to approach their actions with empathy.

He stressed that while it is important to enforce reasonable regulations, all government actions should exhibit compassion.

The demolition of illegal structures in the state has sparked controversy, with affected residents expressing discontent as the government seeks to restore order.

Many have criticized the demolitions as discriminatory and unjust, particularly targeting the Igbo community.

Conversely, the government has maintained that the demolitions are in line with state laws, citing violations by the affected structures.

In a recent post, the former Anambra State governor advocated for measures to alleviate the citizens’ hardships, given the harsh economic climate. He emphasized that the timing for such actions is inopportune, considering the ongoing struggles of the populace.

Expressing his dismay, Obi emphasized the need for a responsive government to implement measures aimed at reducing poverty and to avoid exacerbating financial stress for the underprivileged population.

He urged the authorities involved to demonstrate consideration for the hardships endured by the people and to approach their actions with empathy, while still enforcing sensible regulations.

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