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Saturday, 24 February 2024 15:49

Why I quit football for music” – Fuji star, Pasuma opens up

Nigerian Fuji star Wasiu Alabi, popularly known as Pasuma, has opened up on the pivotal moment that redirected his career path from football to music.

The iconic artist, who just celebrated his 56th birthday, shared how a setback in his football aspirations steered him towards the world of music.

Pasuma revealed that his initial ambition was to become a professional footballer, and he had high hopes of representing Nigeria on the international stage.

Nigerian fuji star Pasuma reflects on his football ambitions as he celebrates 56th birthday

His dreams were centered around securing a spot on the national team for the FIFA U-16 World Championship in China in 1985.

However, the Fuji star faced disappointment as he failed to make the cut for the prestigious tournament.

Recalling the moment of rejection, Pasuma said;

“I was a footballer, so I was invited for Kodak, but I decided to go into music because I wasn’t picked to go to Kodak for the World Cup then, so I now said I want to be a musician straight. I was a footballer before.”

Despite the setback in his football career, Pasuma did not let the disappointment dampen his spirits.

Instead, he channeled his focus and passion towards music, ultimately carving a niche for himself in the industry.

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