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Saturday, 09 December 2023 15:48

“North is bleeding, military are killing us” – Popular Sokoto Cleric kicks over Kaduna bombing

A renowned Sokoto-based Islamic scholar says the northern region has become ground zero for all manner of killings, crimes and other social vices.

The cleric said this in reaction to bombing of villagers during Maulud celebration at Tudun Biri village, Kaduna State, adding that the north is bleeding.

He stated that most of the accidental bombings happened in the northern region without a single one occurring in the Southern region.

In a video clip posted on social media, he said the northern region was at the mercy of existential threat engendered by deepening and perennial security crisis.

“It was not the first time the bombs were dropped on innocent people by security agencies, and they will claim it was a mistake. They once targeted IDPs in Borno. Same in Yobe, they also dropped a bomb in Nasarawa, and now it happened in Kaduna.

“Till date, the military has not made any error bombing in Southern or eastern parts of this country. It always happens in the north because of our lack of unity.

“North is bleeding, bandits kill us, hunger kills us, and the military that are supposed to protect us are also killing us. This is too much for us. Who do we report to if not Allah, and we are telling him to have mercy on us and protect us,” he said.

Shaikh Yabo also claimed that the killings persisted because the northern leaders were not united due to interests.

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