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Saturday, 10 February 2024 08:03

“I once used toilet water to soak garri” – Laycon opens up on past struggle

BBNaija Lockdown Season 5 winner, Laycon has shared a deeply personal and challenging experience from his past, recounting a time when he had to soak garri with toilet water.

The reality star recounted a time in 2013 when he faced extreme hunger, leading him to use toilet water to soak garri.

Laycon disclosed that during that particular weekend, he found himself alone in his wing, battling severe hunger pangs with no resources at his disposal.


Laycon opens up on facing severe hunger in 2013, resorts to desperate measures

He emphasized the intensity of his hunger, stating, “I wasn’t hungry o, I was starving.”

With no money and no other options available, Laycon resorted to using the water from the toilet tap at Shodeinde Hostel to soak garri.

In his own words, Laycon shared the grim details of the incident.


“One of my lowest lows was using Shodeinde Hostel toilet water to soak garri in 2013. I was alone in my wing that weekend, and I was starving. I wasn’t hungry o, I was starving. So I soaked Garri with no sugar and used toilet tap water to drink it… as I Dey soak the garri, water dey commot for my eyes,

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