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Sunday, 25 February 2024 07:30

“I know a lot but they won’t let me speak my truth” – Late Mohbad’s wife cries out

Omowunmi Aloba, the wife of the late singer Mohbad, has recently taken to social media to express her fears of facing the same fate as her husband.

Taking to her Instagram page, she bravely spoke of her deep understanding of his tragic end, recalling how those who tormented him silenced him through vicious rumors.

According to her, her husband faced continuous public assaults and lived in constant fear because of his tormentors


She mentioned knowing a lot but feeling unable to speak her truth due to her oppressors and expressed genuine fear that they might kill her as they did her husband.


Her words;

They silenced my husband by spreading rumors that he was on drugs, and now they’ve been targeting me by releasing a voice note I recorded a few years ago for medical purposes. They’re attacking our only child by libeling him as illegitimate.

My husband was messed up mentally, psychologically, and physically, if he had continued speaking publicly about his challenges, perhaps he would still be alive today. I wish he had summoned the courage to come public as many times as he could, but he didn’t want anyone to see his vulnerability; he was a gentle and calm soul.


Making a man feel inferior, making him live in fear, assaulting him publicly, amongst other is what they subjected my husband to. The last time they attacked him, I begged him to speak out, but he felt powerless against the influence of the industry gods.

Mohbad would have sought medical treatment after his injury if he didn’t live in constant fear. He avoids hospitals because he believed the medical system could be compromised, and doctors bribed to harm him. I know a lot, but they won’t allow me to speak my truth. 

So many things have happened since I lost my husband, yet I can’t speak. I am helpless, but I know God will see me through this. I want the whole world to know that I tried to speak up, just as my husband always wanted to, but they bullied him to silence as they are currently doing to me.”

Speaking on the DNA test saga involving her father-in-law, Mr. Aloba, she mentioned that her husband, while alive, never denied the paternity of their little boy.

Wunmi reiterated her inability to fulfill the condition of leaving her only son with her father-in-law for the DNA test, expressing her distrust in him. She added that she’s prepared to protect her son with the drop of her last blood.

She continued:

The DNA issue is one that has brought tears to my eyes and pain to my heart, and my legal team has advised me not to dignify anyone with a response. However, I feel compelled to address the misconceptions arising from my silence. Let me clarify; there has never been any doubt or discussion about Liam’s paternity until my husband’s demise. It is disheartening to hear false narratives circulating on social media. My husband never for once questioned the paternity of our SONSHINE during his lifetime, neither did my father-in-law or his families.

The first time I heard about his doubt was on social media. He never spoke to me personally about the DNA till this very day. My father-in-law’s legal team reached out to my legal team, who then gave him the terms and conditions in which the DNA will be conducted.

Since November, I have been waiting for a court order to proceed with the DNA testing. However, I am now being asked to take Liam to my father in-law so the test can be done. Which of you will take your son to such a man in this circumstance? If you were in my shoes, will you feel safe to take your son to a man who has come online to defame your character and lie of you. You’ve all seen the curses and threats made on my son’s enemy yet some of you are telling me to expose my son to further potential harm? The relentless social media bullying and threats have made it impossible for me to even take Liam out in public safely. All i ever did was love Ilerioluwa selflessly and expected nothing in return. Yet, this is the cruel reality I now face. Liam is our SONSHINE and the only precious gift Ilerioluwa left me with. I will protect him with every ounce of my blood and until my last breath.”


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