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Sunday, 03 March 2024 12:32

Hoodlums Break Into Govt Warehouse In Abuja, Steal Food Items

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A government storage facility in Gwagwa town, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), fell victim to a brazen act of looting on Sunday morning, with large quantities of food items stolen.

Eyewitnesses reported to Daily Trust that a crowd of youths forcefully entered the warehouse around the Tasha area of the community at approximately 7 am, making away with bags of maize and grain.

According to Jaafar Aminu, a local resident, the looting spree went unchecked for about two hours until 9 am.

The incident attracted individuals from nearby Jiwa and Karmo towns, exacerbating the chaos and resulting in significant traffic congestion along the Gwagwa-Karmo road, which connects to the Dei-Dei and Jabi axes.

Aminu, who suffered bruises in the turmoil, described a scene of desperation as people from various areas converged on the site, hoping to partake in the looting.

Another resident, Christopher Agbo, noted that the looters were indiscriminate in their plunder, taking not only food items but also any other materials they found useful, including protectors initially set up to secure the site.

This incident marks the second time the warehouse has been targeted, recalling a similar episode during the Covid-19 lockdown when grains and pumping machines intended for relief efforts were stolen.

Following the raid on the government facility, the mob proceeded to Idu Industrial Estate, targeting additional warehouses owned by both individuals and the government.

At the time of reporting, there was an alarming absence of security personnel at the scene.

However, FCT police spokesperson, SP Josephine Adeh, assured that police forces were mobilized and working to restore order amidst the ongoing crisis.

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