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Saturday, 25 November 2023 08:50

Forget my odd movie roles, I’ve nothing to do with blood rituals in real life –KOK

For veteran Nollywood actor, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere aka Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK), though he has always played the odd part of ritualist in movies, he has never had anything to do with blood rituals in real life.

According to KOK, the Nigerian movie industry has been widely criticised for corrupting the minds of youths with its constant feature of blood rituals as a way of making quick wealth.

Speaking as a guest at a virtual town hall meeting powered by online news platform, Ikengaonline, the actor said determination and hard work are the only meaningful rituals for money and enduring wealth.

“It’s a lie that a man living in a thatch house will ask you to kill your girlfriend and sleep with her to make money. The Yahoo we knew many years back was writing letters and promising deals that are Utopian. These people (youths) have up their ante and it is not about the movies they watch.

“Recently, it was reported that somebody killed his girlfriend and slept with the corpse for seven days all in the name of making money. What a stupid thing to do! It’s stupid to believe that by killing somebody and eating the heart or drinking the blood you become wealthy. I can’t see any connection in that with making money. Money is made through hard work,” he emphasised.

KOK said although, he has always played the odd part of ritualist in home movies, he has “never encountered and will never have anything to do with blood rituals in real life,” adding, “The job of an actor is to act in movies, and who he is in real life is not defined by the roles he plays. Movie making is only a mirror of society.”


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