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Monday, 04 December 2023 06:15

Craze for contents: Creators now use fake breasts, buttocks to boost viewership

YOUNG Nigerians are going crazy on tik-tok and other social media platforms.

Apart from the fun contents on such platforms provide, they also earn huge revenues for their creators.


The size of revenue, however, depends on the level of clicks or viewership on the contents.

Economy&Lifestyle discovered that because the revenues come in hard currencies, which if converted to local currency, transforms the lives of these young Nigerians,there is a flood of content creators who crave for captivating contents that will generate millions of views, comments, likes and shares.

Funnily,one of the contents found to attract both the young and old alike, and rake in huge clicks for the creators is anyone exposing female genitals like breasts, buttocks and other private parts.

This realisation has taken content creators to adopting the use of artificial breast and buttocks

Seeing these tricks, some Nigerian business men have also taken to importing or creating elastic silicone breasts and buttocks to help creators.

These content creators now patronize them making their bodily endowments look real and floppy.

They create such things to make online viewers watch them more than twice and help in sharing, liking and commenting on them.

Mrs. Celestina Maduka, a thrift and lingerie seller, confirmed the high patronage saying: “I am a thrift and lingerie seller.

“Recently, I added silicone breasts and buttocks to the list of my business seeing the craving of some content creators wanting to have large floppy buttocks and dangling breasts.

“The increased demand for artificial body enhancers by many young women and crossdressers has flooded the market with various types of brassieres, butts and hip pads.

“Now, there is a real fake breast and buttocks with different body colours and sizes. Its price is from N100, 000 above.

“They come in different qualities and sizes. When worn, you can hardly detect if it is elastic and it is very soft like the human body which does not give room for heat.

Miss Ayomide Coker, an undergraduate and upcoming content creator said: “I am not that floppy in the breast and buttocks. So I use artificial breasts and buttocks. You will never know because I make sure my dress doesn’t leave a space for suspicion.

“Instead of using needles or artificial. It is very safe because I don’t wear it outside the house except when I am shooting a video outside. So it doesn’t stay long on my body.

“Many of my friends who are content creators adopt this means to get lots of followers. As you know when viewers see a dangling breast and floppy buttocks they get carried away pouring all kinds of sentiments.

“With their comments, I am earning more. So it is what makes my business bloom including my skills and creativity.”

Mr. Thomas Akinduro, a lecturer, said though various fun and money is derived from using such artificial breasts and buttocks, care should be taken as one doesn’t know what chemicals were used to produce them.

“Many people, especially women and cross dressers, are artificial nowadays. When some pull off their fake breasts, buttocks and tuck in tight you will discover that such a person is empty.

“Using them for content creation is not a big deal, but caution should be applied when using such products as one doesn’t know the kind of chemicals used in manufacturing them.”

According to Christopher Olamide, an online content creator, revealing buttocks and breasts through such videos is what is in vogue now.

“Even some content creators will also share these videos on their page.”

Explaining the process of earning money through content creation using facebook as an example, Olamide said: “the first step is creating a page and building your live tower by posting up to live videos and already filmed videos on your page thrice in a month.

“You will need to have up to 10,000 followers, 50,000 post engagements or 180,000 watch minutes in 60 days to put up a paywall.

“A paywall is a digital gate that is used to monetize content.

“Your viewers can also support you by giving you stars.

“The payments are sent to your payout account when the total balance reaches $100 or 10,000 Stars.

“Many earn up to 1,000 Euros monthly through digital content posted on social media platforms. That is why you see them putting in their best at all costs including wearing fake breasts and buttocks.”

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