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Saturday, 24 February 2024 15:51

BBNaija’s Phyna finally speaks on undergoing body enhancement surgery

Big Brother Naija level up winner, Phyna has revealed the cosmetic surgery she underwent to get her curvy look.

In an interview with Naija 102 FM, Phyna admitted that she has worked on her tummy, but clarified that she hasn’t touched her body. Explaining the difference between the two, Phyna stated that touching her body means doing breast enlargement, BBL and others.

The reality star disclosed that she is open to undergoing surgery in the future, but it would be done overseas because she loves everything she does to be perfect.

According to her, when she is ready and has done it, she will announce it to Nigerians because it’s her body and her money.

Phyna said in part:

“I no do body, I just worked on my tummy. Body na when dey do nyash, do proper surgery. I didn’t do buttock enlargement. If I want to do it, it wouldn’t be in Nigeria.

For me, anything I want to do, I like to do it well, to do it finish. I haven’t gotten to that stage yet, when I get there, Nigerians will know I have done it”.


In 2023, Phyna admitted that she worked on her stomach and not her backside as many assumed.


The entertainer added while bragging, that her backside is all hers and she only took out her belly fat.

Following rumors of her undergoing surgery, her co-reality star, Chichi had thrown a subtle shade at her, noting how Phyna has always admired and wanted to be like her.

She alleged that Phyna’s buttocks might have undergone cement injections to achieve its current appearance as they looked poorly done.


Watch Phyna speak below:

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