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Tuesday, 14 November 2023 11:38

Actress Wumi Toriola reveals why she’s open to becoming a second wife

Nollywood actress Wunmi Toriola has revealed that she is open to becoming a second wife after her first marriage crashed.

The mother of one, while appearing on the latest episode of the ‘Exciting Moment With Debbie’ with actress Debbie Shokoya, stated that her mindset towards marriage has changed.


Her words: “I used to have the mindset that I couldn’t be a second or third wife, but that has changed because I have a child now.


“If I meet a man who has a child like me or a widower, I will marry him. What matters is my happiness.”

Speaking earlier during the interview, she stated that she believed she could work things out with her estranged husband.

At that point, when I got married, I had the option of becoming the second or third wife; however, I didn’t have the mind to compete, but that was then

“I got married to a young man, and we had our lives coming up. I used to believe that we could work things out, but there was a point where we were having issues, and he kept telling me, ‘you are the one with the fame.”

She also stated that, after her marriage crashed, she channeled all her energy into her acting career.


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