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Saturday, 18 March 2023 16:23

The Kings Of The World Are Presently Ruling But God Will Show Himself Soon – Kumuyi

Pastor William Kumuyi, General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has issued a warning to all evildoers.

The clergyman urged Nigerians to maintain their faith, claiming that God is closer than they can imagine.


Speaking in a sermon titled “The Striking Prophecy of the Smitten, Smiting Stone,” which was broadcast via satellite on Friday, the clergyman warned his congregation not to believe that God is unaware of the atrocities taking place in the country.

While urging believers to maintain their faith, Kumuyi urged the people not to believe that God had abandoned them in their plight, emphasising that the day when God will judge kings and sinners and punish them for their evil is just around the corner.


He said;

The kings of the world are presently ruling but the time is coming God Himself will set and appoint a day in which He will judge the world through his Son, Jesus Christ, the Stone whom He has appointed.

It may seem now that God has abandoned the world, and is not seeing all the atrocities being committed, but He is seeing them, and will judge the world in righteousness by His Son whom He has chosen at His own time.

A day in which all inhabitants of the earth will tremble. A day of darkness, thick darkness, a unique day which no one has seen before. A day of judgment, a day of fear and terribleness which no one can stand.

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