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Tuesday, 21 March 2023 15:46

Stop senseless bigotry allegations to dent my image, Peter Obi tells Nnamani

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has asked former Anambra State governor Senator Chimaroke Nnamani to stop “senseless and unsubstantiated” bigotry allegations to dent his image.


Nnamani, who lost his Senate bid to the Labour Party’s candidate, Kelvin Chukwu, on Sunday, accused Obi of playing wicked and dangerous politics.


“Peter “Gringory” Obi has set the Igbo political trajectory 24 years back. He has become a twin blight and scourge on the land,” Nnamani alleged.

“His devious opium served to Christians within sections of Nigeria and to Igbo domiciled in different sections of Nigeria is wicked and dangerous.”

Obi, in a letter to the former governor of Enugu State on Tuesday, said he finds it shocking that Nnamani had to label him as a religious bigot and one who indulges in a campaign of hatred.


He stated that throughout his campaign across the country, he was never involved in ethnic or religious politics.

Obi, a former Anambra governor, said he believes that Nnamani must have mistaken him for someone else because, and insisted that he ran an issue-based campaign.

“I will also like to challenge anybody including, my dear elder brother, to show anywhere in my public appearance where I in any way portrayed ethnic or religious bigotry or where I called names, even when I came to campaign in Enugu State,” Obi said.

Obi said the “senseless and unsubstantiated” allegations by Nnamani were aimed at denting his image.

He urged Nnamani to advise him on all other leadership qualities that he lacks instead of attacking his person.

“I very much know that among the critical characteristics of every good leader are listening, and learning and my brother advised that I should return to school to learn some aspects of leadership I am lacking.

“Why should I go to school to pay huge fees when I can get it free of charge from my dear elder brother who knows it better? I respectfully appeal that I be invited by my Senior brother to teach me accordingly.”



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