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Thursday, 23 March 2023 14:01

It Is Heartbreaking – Peter Obi Reacts To Attacks On Voters During 2023 Elections

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), has condemned the attack on some voters during the March 18 governorship and House of Assembly elections in Nigeria.

WITHIN NIGERIA reports that the country’s Governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections on Saturday were marked by massive voter turnout, voter intimidation, suppression, and violence in some areas.


In response to the situation, Obi condemned the brutalization and attack on citizens who went out on election day to exercise their civic duties on Thursday via his Twitter handle.

Obi stated that it was disheartening that security agencies charged with the constitutional duty of preventing and detecting crime had not made a single arrest of criminals responsible for the atrocities. 

He tweeted: 

It is heartbreaking that citizens who simply went out to exercise their civic duties and vote candidates of their choice were brutalized and attacked in such a horrendous and vicious manner.

Protection of lives and properties is the primary responsibility of government and this responsibility must be sacrosanct including in our dear country.

It is equally disheartening that the security agencies with the constitutional duty of preventing and detecting crime have not made the arrest of the criminals who perpetrated these brutal acts a primary focus, but were instead quick to detect and arrest citizens who are using their right to free speech and social media to condemn the wrong doings of our supposed Leaders.



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