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Wednesday, 31 May 2023 14:48

Fayose commends Tinubu on fuel subsidy removal

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has described as “the best and wisest decision” the announcement of the removal of fuel subsidy by President Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu, shortly after he was inaugurated as the President, on Monday, declared that the subsidy is no longer sustainable in the country, adding that it is gone.

The announcement has been greeted with mixed reactions as Nigerians argued over the timing, the palliatives to cushion the effects among other things.

This has brought long queues to petrol stations as commercial drivers hiked the prices of transport fares since Tuesday.

Reacting to the removal of fuel subsidy, via a Twitter post, Wednesday, Fayose said Tinubu made the decision in the best interest of Nigerians, as he appealed to them to bear the short-lived suffering.

Fayose said, “On this removal of fuel subsidy, I am convinced that President Tinubu has taken the best and the wisest decision for the collective good of Nigeria and its people. He promised to remove the subsidy, he never hid it.

“Most importantly, too, the immediate past govt already removed fuel subsidy technically by not making provision for it in the 2023 budget.

“I appeal to Nigerians to bear with the government for now as the present hardship will ease out with time.

“Removing the fuel subsidy is the best thing to do and it has to be done once and for all.

“Unfortunately, the subsidy regime has only been benefiting a few people in the oil industry and Nigeria must break this chain once and for all.”

The former governor and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) assured Nigerian people that Tinubu would lead the country well based on his antecedents as the former governor of Lagos state.

Fayose said, “No doubt, President Tinubu is not a magician who can manufacture money. He can only strategically reposition the country, using his experience and intellect, which he has started.

“Many govts have come and paid lip service to all these issues, it is time to sustain our country by taking decisions that may be seen as harsh, but can return the country back to the path of progress.

“The NLC and all interested parties, especially ordinary Nigerians should realize that the last administration did more damage and the new government can only be finding ways and means to stabilize the country.

“Sadly, like typical Nigerians who are always desirous of taking advantage of every situation, the fuel marketers are only interested in making money for themselves and methinks the govt should come very hard on them this time.

“Anyone among them found to be hoarding fuel or selling at an exorbitant rate should be dealt with.”

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