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Friday, 26 May 2023 15:34

20-year-old ‘virgin’ celebrates chastity after NYSC

Justina Dauda, a graduate of Taraba State University, has expressed gratitude to God for preserving her chastity.

After successfully finishing her one-year mandatory NYSC programme as a virgin, the 20-year-old proudly posted her achievement on social media.


In a Facebook, Dauda celebrated her innocence while also praying for her alma mater to produce more virtuous corpers.


She wrote: “Diary of the virgin corper 2023. I came, I saw and I’m coming back home intact. Those who mocked me gave me the strength to come back home intact. The 20-year-old corper is here to say thank you Lord.

“Dedicating this special day to Taraba State University Department of Political Science and International Relations class of 2021. I pray for more virgin corpers from Taraba state University.”


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