Wednesday, 12 January 2022 20:26

Why you must handle pain carefully, by Timi Dakolo

Singer Timi Dakolo has advised people to apply extreme caution in handling pain.

Dakolo, who emerged winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007, in a recent post while highlighting the consequences of nursing and nurturing pain explained it drives people to do despicable things as it would have blurred their vision making them compromise their values.

He wrote: “Be careful with pain, it will make you rent a room in a building you have no business going into. You will begin to compromise your values and it will blind your vision. Dangerous will now look cool.”


Continuing, the 40-year-old Bayelsa indigene noted getting over pain may not be easy at the first trial but encouraged people to keep at it as it will eventually get better.


“The truth is that you are going to mess up a lot at the beginning. Flunk at your first try.

“Your first work will look like nothing you have in mind. That’s ok.


“We all didn’t get it right at first, it is possible the people you admire now were worse than you at the beginning. That part wasn’t just shown to you.

“So it’s ok if you are struggling at first, it’s part of the process. Nobody was really good at the beginning.”



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