Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:12

The Late Anthony Enahoro and the Politics of Buhari's State Pardon

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Peter Enahoro on Anthony Enahoro and the Politics of Nigeria

Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria announced a state pardon for a number of persons including the late Chief Anthony Enahoro, a former Federal Minister of Information, as well as Professor Ambrose Alli, the Second Republic Governor of the defunct Bendel State. Both men are long dead, but the public reaction that have trailed this supposed largesse from the Buhari administration, seems to be generating a lot of controversy. We shall be hosting Peter Enahoro, a retired journalist and columnist, and a younger brother of the late Chief Anthony Enahoro, who describes President Buhari's state pardon for his brother as a "Greek gift" and piece of propaganda, designed to mask decades of injustice visited on the late politician by actors within the Nigerian state, some of them still alive. He maintains his brother's innocence of the so-called charge of treasonable felony for which he was indicted, according to him, and not convicted, as being made out.
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