Sunday, 27 March 2022 06:45

The Catholic Church Has The Most Organized Structure On Earth – Bishop Oyedepo

While addressing the congregation, the Leader of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, said that the Catholic Church has the most organised structure on earth. He said they have done a nice job as one can get materials that are 50 years old in their original form in the church.

Speaking further, he affirmed that apart from the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church also has an excellent structure and that if the Charismatic churches continue to operate the way they do, there will hardly be anything traced to them unless they retrace their steps and make necessary adjustments.

Additionally, he suggested that the best way for the newer churches to (move) forward is to learn from the older churches, such as the Catholic church. This would help preserve them as many churches have closed down due to a lack of order or good structure.

In the video, Bishop Oyedepo said, “In my view, the Catholic church has done a good job in terms of structure. They have the most organised structure on earth. You can sit there and pull out a material that is 50 years old in its original form. Apart from them, the major Protestants (the Church of England), also has a good organisation.

“If we the Charismatic churches keep going like this, without reviewing our steps, nothing will be traced to us. Why don’t we learn from them? It’s the cheapest way to find a way forward because I know a lot of ministries that are not functioning anymore because of lack of order”.

What do you have to say concerning Bishop Oyedepo’s statement about the Catholic church?

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