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Nigerian media personality and content creator, Tolani Baj declared that she has men in her palms.

The ex-house mate of the Big Brothers Naija Lockdown season said this during a heated argument during the day 3 of the reunion show about pyramids, fights and friendship while in the BB Naija house.

What first started as a Prince and Nengi ship led to an octagon-shaped entanglement involving Prince, Nengi, Dorathy, Tolanibaj, Neo and Vee. Tolanibaj and Vee also address their hollow friendship in this episode.

She said, “With Prince, I liked him at a time, I felt like he was attractive, we had a good conversation so we had a conversation in the garden and he was like he was ready to be done with the triangle what not and it’s me that he wants and I remember letting him know that I didn’t believe him at a time because Nengi had rejected him that’s why he came to me and I said what I said.

“I have said multiple times that I am not a second option but he tried to convince me, gaslight me like it’s you that I want and honestly, I regret getting into that entanglement, because it has cause nothing but embarrassment; from social media, from his family members, and embarrassment online.

“Because it could have being something that I could have avoided.

“Prince was mostly saying that we are not going to be friends that this relationship must work and they are trying to portray me as being desperate.

“I don’t struggle to get men’s attention; I have men in my palms.

“The agenda of Tolani Baj being desperate please dead it, because I know who I am.”

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