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Beautiful and curvy Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has disclosed that being an actress comes with as much pain as gain.

As much as she loves what she does, she admits that sometimes the impression people have of actresses can be depressing, especially the curvy ones among them.

“There is this impression people have about actresses so when they see you, there is a way they send a message across to you.”Okay, this is what I want, I want sex with you”.There is a misconception they have about you being an actress. It is when they meet me on a personal level, that they say I am different. The corruption has gotten to the level that some bad eggs in the industry have given us a bad reputation. When fans see you, they make some funny comments, especially for curvy actresses like me. It’s the bad eggs among us and they will be uprooted soon because they can’t stand the test of time,” she told Potpourri in a chat 

The actress says there is nothing wrong with being sexy and curvy and even flaunting if you have healthy values about yourself as a woman. She also gives her own definition of a sexy woman.

“My definition of a sexy woman is an independent woman. A woman who won’t trade her body for sex. A sexy woman is a brainy, independent woman,” she says


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Nollywood star, Mercy Johnson-Okojie on Friday revealed that her daughter Purity, was being bullied in school by a teacher because of their celebrity status.

The proud mother of four took to her Instagram account to narrate Purity’s ordeal with her school teacher, stating that her child should not be victimised because she’s a celebrity.

She captioned the post, “What do you do when the teacher is actually the bully and your child the constant victim? Enough is enough, I have reported to the school authorities and I will see this to the end.”

The actress then narrated her child’s ordeal, “Since when is it a crime to be Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s daughter? Before I consider myself a public figure, I am FIRST a WIFE and a MOTHER to my four kids, that is my priority in this life, and nobody can make my child feel less than who she is because her mother is a public figure.


“You can say anything about me, you can dislike or even hate me, I will not respond, but DO NOT ATTACK KIDS that did nothing to you and cannot defend themselves.

“The one thing I teach my kids is DISCIPLINE and RESPECT! I insist on POLITENESS AND KINDNESS from them, but I also teach them to SPEAK OUT especially to me WHEN THEY ARE BADLY TREATED!


“I do not honestly care if someone does not like me, I do not expect everyone to, but to take your hate out on my child? Unacceptable!

“A teacher at my child’s school has been bullying my daughter constantly for two whole weeks. She is not her class teacher, yet she shows up at her class everyday to intimidate her! Uses biros to flick her hair.

“She tells her to her face that she does not like her mother, tells her that celebrity kids are badly behaved, and she should not bring her ‘aura’, she should stop feeling proud, she should not bring her online drama to school. An 8-year-old!

“Purity that used to love going to school is terrified of going to her new school because of this teacher. Purity would greet her; she would not respond. Purity would report this to me every day, honestly, I thought she might be worrying too much.” (sic)

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Former Housemate of Big Brother Naija, Season 6, Boma Akpore, said that he has played romantic scenes with people's wives and people's girlfriends.

The reality star said this in an interview with  with Nigerian Journalist Chude Jideonwo, Boma, who has being under heavy backlash for his illicit affair with his married colleague, said he has kissed and romanced people’s wives and girlfriends in movies.

The self acclaimed “okra President” said, “I've been on set and I've done the same actions or even worse than that. Not sex because I didn't have sex with Tega, but I've kissed, I've romanced people, I've played romantic scenes with people's wives and people's girlfriends or whoever they were. I'm not the casting director. I didn't choose who to be my partner.
You know, these are professional actors, I’m a professional actor. Member of the screen actors guild of American federation, not a YouTube actor or something, no shades. But I do this professionally, it pays the bills.

Bro I won't lie to you it was a show. That's someone that asked me when I left the show without me even knowing what was going on, we are all going back to our families. I'm going back to my girl. Oh yes, I have a girlfriend and nobody still knows, how private can one be?”

Veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, has revealed that although he has shared movie sets with his colleague, Sola Sobowale, for over three decades and they have portrayed the roles of married couples, he is yet to kiss the actress.

The actor noted that it surprises him that despite all these years, they have never locked lips in front of a camera.

RMD, as he is fondly called, made this statement while he and Sobowale asked each other questions to promote the recently released series, The Return Of The King.

A snippet of the interview was shared by Sobowale on her verified Instagram page.

Detailing the first time they met in 1984, RMD told Sobowale, “We met about 37 years ago, in 1984, Surulere, at Tade Ogidan’s place. We have played husband and wife several times and it hit me the other day that I have never kissed you in a movie. Hopefully, we will get to kiss as Reverend Ifeanyi and the king; I want to be able to kiss the king.”

Taking a trip down memory lane, as he replied to Sobowale who asked him why he decided to become a thespian, RMD noted that it had always been his childhood dream to become an actor.

He said, “I think for me, it has been something I have always done from when I was a child. I played a lot when I was a child. In Warri, we called it ‘playing mama and papa’, which, in English, we call playing ‘house’.

“I went on to act a lot in my primary school. In secondary school, I was in the debate team and dramatic society. In my HSC, I was the president of the dramatic society. So, two things had happened to me all through my secondary school days — I was very athletic and I was a dramatic person. That is it.

“When it was time to fill my JAMB form, the theatre was the most natural thing for me to do. What I find amazing in the life of an actor is the fact that once you catch the bug, you do not want to go out of it.”

Still holding on to the dream of kissing his colleague, RMD stated that in the next 10 years, he hopes to still be relevant in the movie industry and, by that time, he ought to have kissed Sobowale on a movie set.

“In 10 years, I will be 70 and my prayers will be that we will still be doing this. There will still be some springs in our steps and I will finally get to kiss you,” RMD said.


Ace Nigerian Actress Angela Okorie revealed that after two years she was shot by assassins, Pallets are still coming out of her head. 

The Nollywood actress, shared pictures and videos on Instagram, in which  thanking God for saving her life.

In her post she wrote, “Can you imagine after 2 years plus I was shot, some pellets still coming out. All dem bloggers plotted with them to write me off on social media so people won’t believe there are evil people in the industry,” she wrote in Pidgin.

“Out of envy, they did this. I have put too much into my career. God knows it’s time for me to reap what I worked for. I will never forgive you all paid to do that.

 “Dem say rewrite the story make e be like say she and person dey quarrel just to accomplish their evil plans.

“They were waiting to write RIP the next day. See You can never rewrite what God wrote over my life. One by one e must reach all of una. Lucifer is a human being. I had to avoid every unfriendly friend patronizing evil people.

“Beware of demons in sheep clothing. I am grace, I am that God’s special child. The anointed one with proof that if God is b4 you no one can be against you.”

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Nightclub owner and socialite, Obi Iyiegbu aka Obi Cubana, has said that the splendor of his mother's funeral will make will make people hungry for death.

Cubana laid his mother to rest on Friday in Oba, Anambra, in an event that went viral on social media.

 Many celebrities turned out in large numbers for the funeral.

Most his guests were seen in videos from the occasion  spraying thick wads of Naira and foreign currencies, in addition to the drinks and over 246 cows that were donated to Cubana prior to the funeral.

From the over 400 cows donated to the host, the $100,000 diamond pendant, 67 private jets that landed Oba to the fleet of over 500 luxury cars, the ceremony was as loud as loud can be.

The nightclub boss also bought a diamond chain and pendant from popular jeweller, Efobi Stephen, which had his late mother’s face engraved on it. Stephen stated that Iyiegbu asked him to make a chain worth $100,000.

 Lagos Socialite, Pretty Mike, has now claimed Obi Cubana had been planning the burial ceremony for his mother for a long time.

Via his Insta stories, Pretty Mike wrote, ”I remember when Obi’s wife’s father died some months back. We came for the burial. It was nothing short of a carnival. I asked him so why wait till July to bury your mum. He said let’s keep her on ice for now. She has to go out gloriously, she deserves it. I said bros stop being humble. He replied “after my mama burial ceremony, to die go dey hungry some people… Today I understand.”



The convener of the Concerned Nigerian movement, Deji Adeyanju, has queries the source of Obi Cubana’s wealth.

Obi Cubana caught the attention of many on Friday, 16th July 2021 after he held an expensive burial ceremony for his late mother.

The activist in a post on his Twitter account called for caution, adding that richest men don’t throw money the way it was done at the burial ceremony at Oba, Anambra state.

Adeyanju who made reference to Hushpuppi who showcased his lifestyle on social media before he was arrested in Dubai, warned Cubana and others spraying bundles of Naira note to be careful of attracting FBI and EFCC.

The activist wrote, “This was how some of us kept asking what Hushpuppi was doing that he was throwing money up and down but we were called names and insulted. Today, he is in an American jail.”

“Even the richest men in the world won’t throw money up and down anyhow. Continue attracting FBI and EFCC.”

“Hushpuppi once made several videos mocking me that I am jealous of him. That I should focus on politicians, activists and allow them to enjoy his money. Today, how far? We cannot watch you guys negatively brainwash young people and say nothing. Nobody hates poverty like me but, easy.”

He charged Nigerians not to be pressured to make money through illegal means.

“Don’t allow anyone to put you under pressure of any kind. Gradually, you will get there. Societal pressure is why some people have turned kidnapping, Yahoo Yahoo and even banditry into a profession.” 


Nollywood actress, Eka Duke declared that sex prowess has nothing to do with being a Calabar girl.

The nollywood naughty princess said this during an interview with The Sun.

Duke said that she is lazy in bed, contrary to the popular notion that Calabar girls like her have special prowess in sex matters. 

She said, "“It is generally assumed that Calabar girls are very good in bed and also good at taking care of their men.

"I was born to hear that but I think that mentality is strictly an individual thing.

"It’s not a bad idea to be good in bed or good at taking care of a man; you will be amazed to know that some girls that are not from Calabar could also be very hot in bed.

"As for me, I’m very lazy in bed.

"You can’t force me to be good in bed.

"No! I am not. So, don’t let my Calabar name deceive you.”

Aralola Olumuyiwa, popularly called Ara is the most talented drummer, described by many as the most beautiful woman with the attention lots of male admirers. 

In an interview reported on Punch, she revealed that marriage is on the card for her and she is willing to love and be loved.

The talented drummer noted that there are good men out there but was concerned about tends of scallywag in relationships today.'

Ara said, “There are many female talking drummers but I agree that none of them has been able to get to the level I attained. Being a pacesetter is a tall order for a female talking drummer or any female drummer at that. Whenever any female drummer is sighted, people send me their videos and pictures. I recently had a meeting with a lot of female drummers and it was beautiful. I decided to start mentoring them because many of them were reaching out to me. They had lots of things bothering them and they needed direction. We have had our first meeting and we are going to have another major one soon, where the drummers from different parts of the South-West and other parts of the country will come to Lagos. There are some female drummers as young as five years old. We need to encourage drummers and artists generally. We have not been given our rightful place and we are not being appreciated the way we should. It is a sad development but by God’s grace, I believe things would change. There is going to be a positive turnaround for everyone on our platform.”

The singer revealed that sexual harassment  is real in the entertainment industry, she said, "I have heard victims talk about it. However, I would say I was lucky in that regard. When I started out, it was destiny and passion that drove me into entertainment. I had no ‘street sense’ whatsoever. There are instances where I would have fallen but because I was a genuinely naive person, I did not even know those were supposed to be traps. For me, it did not come as an abuse or harassment. Along the line though, it started looking like it and I fought back. That is the reason I had a lot of issues at the end of the day. So, yes it (harassment) is very real. However, some females also offer themselves to these men in desperation to become famous. But, if you’ve got what it takes to be a star, you do not need to sell yourself or give your body to any man.”

Anita Joseph, Nollywood actress, has recounted how she left a movie set for a sexual escapade with Fisayo Michael, her husband better known as MC Fish.


The film star brought this revelation to light in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

The Calabar-born actress said she hopped on a plane and flew to Lagos from Enugu to satisfy her sexual urge and then returned to the movie set the next day with a “full tank.”

“Chai I had to leave work for just a Day to come get the D*** appointment with Hubby, Now I can go back to work with a full Tank,” she wrote.


“I hope my Big sisters don’t see this caption because they still can’t understand why I even flew back to lag and went back to Enugu the next Day.”

Anita’s post comes a few days after MC Fish had revealed that he washes her underwear as an expression of his love for her.


“Before she makes decisions, she tells me. Before she posts anything, she tells me. What more can I ask of her. A woman that respects me and treats me like a king,” he had said.

“I must respect her back. If I have to wash her shoes in public, I’ll do it. I’d I have to wash her undies, I will. It’s not like I’m not already doing it. I dey run am.

“If she dey wash my own boxers, why I no go wash her own pant. She’s my wife. At the end of the day, it’s no one’s business. Sometimes I wonder why all the negative energy.”

The couple got married in February 2020.

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