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Sonny Iroche, a seasoned and infrastructure consultant, supports the concept of zoning and he is of the view that it does not imply that the presidency should be zone to a lame dog.

Iroche said this as guest on CityTalks with Reuben Abati on the topic; Rotational Presidency.

He said that the presidency should be zone with good value, not only a geographical zoning; “it must be ethical, there must be competence and meritocracy should be considered,” Iroche said

On 5th July 13, 2021 eleven governors and four deputy governors converged in Lagos for Southern Governors Forum meeting and one of their major resolutions, what is also known as the Lagos declaration is for power to shift to the south in 2023.

However, the coalition of the northern group have objected to the “Southern Governors declaration,” they described it as “purely sentimental” and they said the southern governors are making an unconstitutional case.

The coalition of the northern group, therefore argues that the constitution does not say that power should go to a particular part of the country.

The north central are saying that under the democratic dispensation, power should go next to them.

But according to Iroche, “They keep saying that it is not constitutional; have we abided by the letters and the spirit of the constitution when it is in other aspects? No!

“The constitution talks about federal character in employment. Is there federal character in the security aspect of this country? The answer is no!

Is there federal character that is reflective in all other aspect of our national life? The answer is a capital no!

“Why do we pick and choose where it suits us?”

He said that the North East, North West, have produced a President, The North Central has produced Heads of State, the South West and the South South, have produced a President.

He argues that the only zone in the six geopolitical zones that have not produced a President or Head of State is the South East.

According to him, on these bases we believe the once three Rs, Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction.  

He pointed out that the Igbos have been an integral part of this country, making strides nationally and internationally in commerce, finance and in every aspect of human endeavour and dignity.

He said, “we strongly feel that for fairness and justice to reign, justice was embedded in our national anthem that was changed by Olusegun Obasanjo, but the second one also has justice.”

He implied that there will be no peace without justice.

Iroche said that the Igbo’s do not want undue favouritism, by extension every Nigerian.  

He also said, “What every Nigerian want is a level playing field, for us to actualize our God’s ordained potential as a potentially great nation.”

Iroche mentioned further, “What we are saying is to complete the round of the rotation. Eight years in the life of a nation, is not asking for too much. The south easterners have done well in every aspect of life. Why don’t you try them out so that we are no longer the poverty capital of the world, so that we are no longer a laughing stock of companies leaving Nigeria and going to Ghana and other African countries?

 “Why don’t we give it a chance?”