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One of the housemates in the most popular Africa’s reality television show, #BBNaijaS7 is a 26-year-old England-based Segun Daniel Olusemo popularly known as Shegzz.

Shegzz is also an actor and professional footballer among the housemates in the #BBNaijaS7 themed ‘Level Up’ which began on Saturday. 

He asserted that that he thinks it is important to settle down with a partner one genuinely connects with than going for the vibes.

According to #BBNaija’s Shegzz, “I think it’s important to settle down with someone you genuinely connect with and not just for vibes.” 

Revealing his profile, after sustaining an injury last year, he started acting again and recently scored a role in a production directed by Tola Odunsi.

Shegzz said he is a hard worker as well as a smart worker, and believes it is important to be both.
He also revealed that it is a good thing to be a talkative when needed, but also a good listener, as he considers himself down to earth, relatable, and ambitious. 

Shegzz is currently single, loves relationships, but believes it is pertinent to find the right person. “I think it’s important to settle down with someone you genuinely connect with and not just for vibes,” he said.

Speaking on his participation on #BBNaija, Sheggz believes he has a lot of skills to show the world. 

“Nigerians have talent, we have swag, we have vibes, we’re smart, we’re ambitious and to be honest, we’re all over the world smashing goals and achieving,” said Shegzz.

Chichi and Bella, BBNaija season seven housemates, have clashed over a dance contest put together by their colleagues in the house.

The housemates had organised a dance session as part of efforts to further strengthen their bond while dividing themselves into two teams.

Everyone was asked to pick their preferred team for the exercise.

Drama, however, started when Chichi, who was not present during the selection process, argued that one team had more dancers.

The stripper had demanded that the teams should be reshuffled in order to achieve a balance.

But Bella countered the idea and insisted that the teams should not be reshuffled.

Rankled by the objection, Chichi confronted her and asked why she was “shouting like a market woman”.

The situation escalated as both women engaged in a heated war of words with Bella referring to Chichi as “stupid”.

Chichi also fired back, warning “before you try me, try crack.”

The duo were among the housemates unveiled on Sunday.

This makes it the first clash so far in the seventh edition of the show which started on Saturday.

The winner of this year’s edition, titled ‘Level Up’, will go home with a grand prize of 100 million — the highest ever since the inception of BBNaija.

N50 million is the cash prize while the other N50 million is an estimation of prizes from the sponsors.

As BBNaija S7 housemates settle and share a connection, Beauty and Groovy in particular were quick to pair for a friendship already.

But, sadly, flirtatious moves between the two housemates met with disappointment as Groovy refused to kiss his female counterpart Beauty, leaving her feeling slighted.

Beauty has been spotted flirting around Groovy, but he seems to be treading lightly. At the Kitchen table last night, he gave Beauty a sip from his cup, before proceeding to rub her back, saying, “You seem to like massages.”

According to a report by Africa Magic, Beauty had admitted to liking Groovy, but stated she does not want to cause trouble for him, because she realises that other ladies may be interested in pursuing something with him. 

Later, this flirtation took a tense twist, resulting in hurt feelings and a subsequent apology, which started when the Level Up Housemates decided to play a game of ‘Truth or Dare.’

There has been a complaint by Beauty that Groovy was being uptight and left the game. Groovy then followed her to the bedroom and tried to explain why he had declined. 

Beauty dared to kiss Groovy, but for the presence of their fellow Housemates, who are noticing the connection too, the move met with resistance.

“I feel like it’s a bit too early for this”. He continued to explain his reasoning, but when Beauty didn’t seem to let it go, he told her “If I am out of the picture, would it not be easier for you to do what you’re here to do?” 

After a battle of wits, which saw the duo bare their perspectives, Beauty told Groovy, “I can be cranky for other things, but not this. This whole process is a lot for me.”

After some time, Beauty asked for a chat to apologize for overreacting. Groovy accepted the apology and the pair decided to restart their friendship. 

Later in the morning, Groovy made sure to get Beauty everything she needed after complaining about feeling ill. “Maybe it’s malaria. Did you get a smoothie? Do you want one?,” Groovy said.

Viewers keep an eye on these pairs, while time will tell, whether Beauty will manage to snag Groovy.


Big Brother Naija season seven housemate, Hermes, has revealed that he is in a relationship with two women.

Hermes made this known during his introduction on Sunday.

He told housemates that the two women knew each other.

According to him, the relationship is more of a partnership.


”I am not single, my relationship is a complicated issue. I am in a partnership-relationship with two queens,” he said.

His revelation gave him a standing ovation from the housemates who were amazed.

Hermes was among the 13 housemates that entered the Level Up house on Sunday, the second day of the season seven launch.




Big Brother Naija show organisers have finally released photos of the main house that would be used for the season 7 show.

This is coming hours after Nigerians dragged the organisers for the photos earlier shared on its website on 23rd, July 2022.


Many fans of the show claimed that the three-bedroom apartment was too tight and the colours were below standard.

While revealing the other housemates a few hours ago, the official photos of the new house were shared online.


See photos below.

Some Nigerians have expressed displeasure over the Big Brother Naija Season 7 house, saying it is below standard and ugly.

BBNaija Season 7 tagged ‘Level Up’ unveiled the male and female housemates who promised to bring unending drama to the show.


Photos shared on the official BBNaija website showed the colourful and exquisite rooms set to house the BBNaija housemates for this season.

However, many fans of the show claimed the house is a three-bedroom flat and it looks too small for the housemates adding that the decoration is poor.


maryaminyam wrote: “The house decor is ugly and an eye sore. For the most hyped up show, Level up is not up there for me. We wait till tomorrow, maybe that’s when the main show starts.”

ikoyi_properties wrote: “I agree with you 100% especially with decor, extremely below standard and inferior”


kween_ciana4 wrote: “Exactly, they look cheap and the house decor if your dream bad dream wake up see those decor the dream will look so real”

somistyles.and.designs wrote: “The house is too small, house decor is zero. I totally agree with you”

dobbys_nice wrote: “My sentiment too house too small, decor dull poor lighting the house is not fine biko as for the housemates we shall see”

jaluxzy wrote: “Things are hard in Nigeria..e reach to manage resources”


Below are some photos of the interior of the house below: