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One of the highlights of Day four in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye house was the heartbreak discussions among housemates.

In a small circle, Nini, Pere, Arin, Boma and Beatrice, talked about their first heartbreak and Pere revealed that he had heartbreak three times.

when Jackie B and Pere sat down to have a conversation, the two spoke about their past relationships but Jackie seemed to have taken over a greater share of the conversation.

She revealed to Pere and that she has been heartbroken before, so she hasn’t really been in love again with all her heart. However, she has been in several relationships but her feelings for all those relationships haven’t been as intense as it used to be before someone took her for a fool.

She added that as of now, she is willing and hoping to fall in love all over again no matter the outcome. Stating that she misses the feeling of being in love and everything that comes with it.




The long anticipated Big Brother Naija season six started after a 40minutes delay as opposed to the time schedule for the show.

The show which was widely watched all over Africa is about to unfold the drama, the love scenes, and the strikes of the season.

The interior decoration of the mansion is mind blowing.

Someone said on social media that the ambiance of the Head of House Lounge is calling for pregnancy.

The themed for this season is ‘Shine Ya Eye.'

‘Shine Ya Eye' is a Nigerian slang that is simply means; be smart, be sharp, be vigilant, be focus.

11 male house mates were introduced and that left viewers asking, “what about the female housemate?’

Maybe that is why they have a double launch.

How did they do these auditions, the male housemates look really cute and nice accent.

Could that be a criterion for selection?

The show which was widely watched all over Africa characterized by twist and turns, drama, the love scenes, strikes and maybe disqualification .

The housemates in this season will be battling and competing for the grand prize of N90M worth of gifts for the next 72 days.

Here are the male housemates  from different backgrounds who will be keeping viewers glued to TV screens for the next 10 weeks.


30 years old Boma was raised in Yaba, Lagos. He is a mixologist. He loves to meet people. He is a lover boy and would love to be everyone's guy.

He would love to be the go-to guy. He says he can fit into any crowd. Boma is a model who has been in the business for 10 years.

The former footballer started mixology after an injury that ruined his career.

He is from Lagos state. He is a trained engineer and fitness coach.

He believes he is the guy all the ladies will love to be around.

He expects the guys not to find that funny. He says even though he is 29 years old, he acts like a child.

Yousef is from Jos. He is a biracial Nigerian who teaches Technical Education in a secondary school.

He loves to look good for the camera...he is vain!

He said he was prom king and the ladies love him. He hopes to be the favourite housemate.

Yousef says he is a very confident guy who is bringing fun and entertainment to the show. He hopes to find a soulmate.

Pere is a 36-year-old singer and actor who was born in Warri.

He is a very spontaneous guy who loves to work out.

He says he is a bully and isn't sorry about it.

 The realtor says he is bringing drama to the show.

Pere says viewers should expect gbas gbos from him this season.

White Money says he loves fun, he loves to entertain people.

He doesn't like dishonest people and people who would do anything to bring people down.

The businessman says he is the reason the old and young people will be watching this season.

He says he would be bringing fun to the house and he is the show for the vibes.

Niyi is a 34-year-old guy who is spontaneous and the life of the party.

He won't be found anywhere around gossip in the house.

The happily married father of one says he will be bringing so much fun to the house.

The 6'6 tall former basketballer says he quit the game after an injury.

Niyi who runs a fantasy sports and event planning business says he is in the show to have fun.


Yerins is a 27-year-old medical doctor from Bayelsa state who likes to be described as a generalist.

He doesn't like deceptive people. He is bringing love, drama and every other thing to the house.

Even though he is sometimes seen as an introvert, he doesn't see himself as one.

He is from Cross River state and would describe himself as a social butterfly. He says he is the jack of all trades.

He says a lot of people describe him as a playboy.

He doesn't take life too seriously and will be entertaining viewers from the beginning to the end of the show (Let's hope he makes it to the end.)

Emmanuel is a 24-year-old model and pageant King.

He loves driving fast cars, reading and shopping.

He says he is very dramatic. He can be described as a hustler.

He says he is single and the ladies should keep their fingers crossed.

Sammie who is from Kaduna state is a Guidance and Counseling student of the Ahmadu Bello University.

He is also a filmmaker and huge dreamer. He describes himself as talkative.

He hopes to win the grand prize and prays this opportunity changes his life forever.

Ikechukwu also known as Cross is a 31-year-old adventurous and spontaneous guy.

He loves pretty women, clubbing and dancing. He is going to be himself in the house.

Cross loves to see women fight for him...bad boy! He is in the house for the fun and drama.

BBNaija season 6, the Shine Ya Eye edition, is without a doubt off to great start.

The second launch show airs on Sunday, 25 July at 7pm on DStv channel 298 and GOtv channel 29. 

BBNaija is available on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Confam and Yanga packages and on GOtv Max and Jolli.

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