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 Boma and Tega, alongside Peace and Michael were evicted on Sunday during the live eviction show.

Tega, who is married, stated that her relationship with Boma was a script and her husband will understand.

Boma and Tega’s eviction have been linked to their  ardent relationship in the house which was widely condemned.

Viewers have had Mixed reactions on Big Brother Naija, Shine Ya Eye, housemate Tega’s statement that may suggest that her marriage is has underlining issues.

Recall that Tega’s husband full disclosure on Instagram that he cheated on his wife and what Tega is doing with Boma is an indirect way for her to spite him.

Tega’s husband Speaking during an Instagram live session with Tunde Ednut, mentioned that he would give Tega a second chance if only she apologises to him.

He said, “I know Tega knows what she did was very bad but she needs us more than ever. I don’t think I should abandon her because she needs me.

 “We are all humans and we all sin and God forgives us. I wouldn’t throw her away. She’s my wife and such things come with marriage.

There’s no perfect marriage. We’ve not had issues for the past four years. I don’t think I should abandon her now

“This is a time she needs me, if she comes back and apologises and takes responsibility, I’ll give her a second chance but if she insists that what she did in the house was okay, I’ll let her go.”

He also noted that he has no plan of turning his back on Tega if she takes responsibility for her action in the house as this will be the first time she will be involved in such an act.


BB Naija House mate, Tega Dominic told Youssef that her husband will do absolutely nothing about the kiss she had with Boma during the presentation.

Tega has being trending on social media about a video that went viral on Tuesday which featured her kissing fellow housemate, Boma while in bed.

During the close-up challenge and presentation and also during the Truth and Dare game; Boma and Tega kissed.

Consequently, Youssef asked her about her husbands reaction; but Tega stated that “My spouse has no control over the kiss, as I informed him before coming here. I am a skilled actress: I am unable to unwind simply because I am married: others may look down on me for that.”

According to Tega, "my husband will understand."

She added, “I told him I can do anything except sex. You don’t know how this place is. There are things you need to do. People are judgemental, they will say you know you are married so why are you here.

“Some people will say you went there to do marriage. It’s a game, you play it out. I’m a good actor so I need to play it out. I chose the acting life and it chose me too.”

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Big Brother Naija housemate Tega who has being perceived by viewers as a relationship counsellor in the BB Naija house, told Emmanuel to let people know that the relationship between him and Liquorose is real.

Emmanuel and Liquorose over time in the reality show have become an item on the show.

Recall that Liquorose told her fellow house in the inception of the reality show that she is not going to be involved in a relationship in the house but will like to be a spectator.

Liquorose and Emmanuel have been together from week two after their arrival into the house. From all indications, it seems Liquorose is obsessed with Emmanuel.

Someone described her as a hard shell on the surface but very emotional...
Going forward, Liquorose and Emmanuel have being in the reality show kissing nd cuddled up at different corners whilst in the reality show.

Tega who has been trending on social media after a video of her kissing Boma circulated online, asked Emmanuel about his relationship with Liquorose.

Responding, Emmanuel said he likes Liquorose and thinks their relationship can continue outside the house.

Tega, responding advised Emmanuel to create highlights with Liquorose to show how intentional he is about the relationship.

“While you’re in this house you and Liquorose should create highlights of your relationship,

“Let people know it’s real,” Tega advised

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate Angel revealed that she likes to be watched when having sex.

Angel said this in a chat with Boma  during their stay in the executive lounge Wednesday night.

Boma, who is the current Deputy Head of House, chose Angel to be with him in the executive lounge after discovering the opening of the lounge.

Angel said, “If I wanted to do that, I’ll do that where I’m comfortable. I mean I like being watched, like one person at most.

“I like being watched when I’m having sex.” 

While the discussion was going on, Big Brother told the two housemates to leave the executive lounge.

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Boma, has revealed that he was married for close to six years and is currently divorced.

Boma disclosed this during his Diary Session with Big Brother, where he spoke about the day’s task.

They were asked to do a presentation that borders on financial management in marriage and the issues that could arise when couples run joint accounts.

While speaking on his readiness for the task, Boma said: “I am personalising the task as someone that has been married.

“I was married.

“I think my experience here would play a part.

“I have been married for close to six years but I am currently divorced and this topic was one of the reasons why I was also divorced.

“So preparing for this was very personal.

“We are following all the rules in the brief as much as we can, dressing for the part.

“I have been able to share my experiences with the male housemates and they do want me to come in and close the debate because they think my points are really strong coming from a personal experience and the points I have.

“They do think I know what I am saying and do know how to get my points across.

“Only two of us (guys) have actually been married before.

“Me and Pere but other people have personal experiences while growing up but me and Pere have experienced this personally and we are both divorced right now.”