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Wednesday, 26 January 2022 13:14

Sammie Okposo: Pastors who cheat must step down from ministry – TV presenter, Bolanle Olukanni

Nigerian media personality, Bolanle Olukanni, has condemned ministers of God who continue heading their ministries after engaging in extra-marital affairs.

The TV presenter made her comments via her Twitter page on Tuesday after popular Gospel artiste, Sammie Okposo publicly confessed to cheating on his wife.

On his Instagram page, the singer disclosed that in late 2021, he had an affair with a lady when he travelled to the United States. He also apologised to his wife and announced that he was stepping down from his ministry for some time.

Using Okposo’s actions as an example, Olukanni opined that ministers of God caught in a similar web must step down from leadership, and hold themselves accountable for their actions. 

In her tweet, she criticised ministers and pastors who “feel like they can cheat and go on like all is well.”

She continued, “It is not well! Cheating is a violation that is so deep and a reflection of a deep disconnect with where you should be spiritually.

“When you cheat and you are in a moral position, you must step away from Ministry! You have to! And also it’s so important to hold yourself accountable and confess. When something is in the dark let it come to the light so that there is healing!


“Yes he did a horrible thing, and now he has made steps to restore and heal. You can’t be cheating and still ministering even if you have repented.”

She stated that stepping down would allow such persons to have moments of introspection to discover the true reasons for their misconduct.

“Leave the ministry and go and ask yourself why were you cheating. Find the foundation of your relationship with God before your lead others,” she said.



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