Thursday, 29 September 2022 17:29

Royal Family Reveals What Killed Queen Elizabeth II, Shares Her Death Certificate

The British Royal Family has revealed the cause of Queen Elizabeth II's death.
According to the Royal Family, the Queen died of old age.
The document, published by National Records of Scotland on Thursday, says the late British monarch died at 3:10 p.m. UK time (10:10 a.m. ET) on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Ballater, Scotland.
The cause of death is listed as old age. The document is signed by the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne.
Britain’s longest-reigning monarch died peacefully aged 96.
Her death set into motion a period of national mourning. King Charles III, who ascended to the throne following his mother’s death, was formally proclaimed as the United Kingdom’s new monarch on September 10.
The Queen died of 'old age' at 3.10pm on 8 September, according to her death certificate.
The entry in the National Records of Scotland, published today, is signed by her daughter the Princess Royal, who was with her when she passed away.

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