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Wednesday, 22 June 2022 13:33

Nedu Wazobia: How my cheating ex-girlfriend justified infidelity

Nedu Wazobia, the Nigerian radio personality, has recounted how a former girlfriend who was cheating on him justified her infidelity.


In a TikTok post on Tuesday, the 39-year-old said while they were dating back then in the university, he got suspicious of her infidelity when he searched her bag.

The comic actor said the pair went on a vacation and upon returning back to their institution, he realised his girlfriend didn’t show up until after two days.

Nedu said when he confronted her about her whereabouts and if she was cheating on him, she informed him she was cheating on her other boyfriend with him.


The radio personality said that was the worst experience he ever had with any girl he dated.

“So someone sent me a message asking me to tell them what’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me when it comes to a relationship with a girl,” he said.

“I have a list of them but this one is at the topmost of all of them. So I was dating this girl back at the university, her name was Emem then. So we were dating and we were on holiday.


“We were supposed to get back to school on a particular day. I got to school two days before her.

“Then when she came to the house, I asked ‘what’s up? What’s happening, where have you been?’ She gave some stories though and then she went to have her bath.

“I checked her bag, I saw a hotel receipt. I saw some things that made me believe that she was cheating on me.

“Then this girl came into the room and I was like ‘Emem what’s up? Are you cheating on me? Why are you cheating on me?’


“Then this girl goes ‘I’m not cheating on you, I’m cheating on him with you.”

In September 2021, Nedu, whose real name is Chinedu Ani, was in the news after he denied the paternity of his first son with Uzoamaka Okiri, his ex-wife.


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