Wednesday, 13 November 2019 19:38

Group condemns Hate Speech Bill, urges lawmakers to propose death penalty for corruption

The Centre for the Vulnerable and Underprivileged, CENTREP, in Delta State on Wednesday, said the “Hate Speech Bill” by members of the National Assembly, which proposes death sentences for offenders is “draconic”

Executive Director, Mr. Oghenejabor Ikimi Esq, who made the assertion in a telephone chat with DAILY POST, said some key cabinet members of President Muhammadu Buhari would not have been alive by now if such law was in existence before 2015.

Ikimi, a human rights activist said many of the senators and politicians in this present dispensation would have been hanged had Hate Speech Bill been passed into law since 2011/2012.

The legal practitioner stressed that, “They would have been dead by now. They’re the ones spreading hate speeches.”

Ikimi said the Hate Speech Bill is to silence opposition activists who are saying the truth and that’s why we are going to kick against it. The Hate Speech Bill is similar to Decree No.4.”

Ikimi said if they want the country to move forward, they should make corruption a death sentence and not hate speech.

According to Ikimi, “They want to use the bill to cage quality criticisms. It is madness. It will not solve problems of this country.

“There is corruption, looting of our resources, looting of our common wealth.

” The looting has resulted to insecurity in this country. It is the offshoot of the looting by politicians that caused the insecurity.

“Let their laws address these critical problems. Lai Mohammed, Rotimi Amaechi, Senate President, Deputy Senate President would not have been alive had the Bill been in existence.

“The Bill is against the masses. It is not pro-people. They just want to silent the masses.”




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