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Malawi designer gets featured in Vogue and Forbes Magazine

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Malawian young designer, Christopher Ngalu of Creative Base designs says being featured in the latest edition of Vogue Magazine and Forbes Magazine is going to help in sales of his products.

Ngalu says the exposure will give him a chance on the international market.

“It’s going to help the brand in terms of sales, we get 100% they don’t take commission. Its a shop basically.”

“And also information, so it provides content as well to the media that wants to cover African fashion,” he said.

Ngalu says he was contacted online by Industrie Africa and up to now doesn’t know they found his work.

Industrieafrica.com is a new web platform that is curating the best fashion designers in Africa.

Currently it is endorsed by Vogue Magazine and Forbes magazine.

Reacting to being featured on the internationally recognised and well read publications, Ngalu says “I think it is dope. Not a lot of designers made it on there but I made it.”

And here is the link to Ngalu’s profile

Recently as in two days ago, Ngalu met with South African Hip Hop artist Ricky Rick at a pop up show. However he is being silent about what they discussed.

He did give us a hint the two could be up to something.

“Ricky Rick had a Pop Up show where i stay so i went through to support his movement, he is a very humble guy we vibed and connected. Everything is under wraps for now. But basically that’s the story behind the meeting,” he said.

Last year Pep Stores in Zambia started selling Creative Base merchandise.

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