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How to use the winning EdGE concept to achieve Surprising results - Akinlawon Olaitan

Imagine that you could make little adjustments in certain areas of your life, and these little adjustments go on to make a huge difference in the results you get. Imagine how your life will improve when you can go from the young man or woman earning 4 figures to earning high 6 figures or even 7 figures simply because you improved certain areas of your life?

That is the summary of the winning edge concept.

The concept says that: 'little differences in ability can translate to huge differences in results'

What this means is that if you can focus on improving certain areas of your life, even in little proportions, those little improvements will shoot your results beyond expectations.

That means, you don't need to stress yourself trying to be like everyone.

You just need to find your winning edge and cut with it.


The concept focuses on results and rewards based on results.

If Manchester united lifts the Premier league by just 1 point, they will get 10x what the other teams will get, even if other teams performed better.

So it is in life.

The one who closes the sales gets the money. The one who wins, gets the prize. The one who gets the customers trust, retains them.

How then do you find your winning edge?

1. Discover the critical skills or knowledge you need to achieve your ultimate result.

It all bores down to the skill and knowledge.

Sometimes, victory isn't about who is the fastest or the most intelligent. It is sometimes about your ability to use the circumstances facing you to your advantage.

It is like a golf expert who uses the wind in guiding his ball to the hole.

You need to identify the critical skills you need to achieve your result.

How can you identify the critical skills?

2. Start from the intended result or Goal, then work backwards.

You simply reverse engineer the process.
Ask yourself:

What is the goal or result I want to achieve?

'What is the most important thing that NEEDS TO HAPPEN for me to get this result or achieve this goal?'

What are the difficulties or challenges obstacles stacked up against me that I NEED TO OVERCOME before I can achieve this goal?'

Make a list of 3

Which of these listed challenges is the most critical that I need to take care of to increase my chances of success?

Once you identify the answers to these questions, then you ask yourself:

What critical skill do I need to have to overcome this particular obstacle?

How do I develop this skill? Who has mastered this Skill that I can learn from?

When you get the answer to the 5th question, then you work your way back up to the Goal.

Let's see a practical example using the questions

1⃣ Goal: To be a master salesman. To be able to persuade people to buy products or services.

2⃣ People need to believe in me & believe me

And for this to happen, they need to trust me.

3⃣ Difficulties: 
i. These people may not trust me.

ii. I suck at explaining things or knowing what people want.

iii. I feel shy about selling. Feels like I am forcing people to do something against their wish

4⃣ Of the obstacles listed, number iii is a bigger problem so I need to really master how to quickly earn people's trust even before I open my mouth.

5⃣ The critical skill I need to overcome is getting to know what these people really want and then selling them based on those desires.

And to do this effectively, I need to master the art of 'asking critical questions'

So the critical skill is: 'asking questions, listening patiently and attentively and digging deep into the mind of the prospect to join the conversation in their head.

Now, asking questions and listening may seem like a simple concept.

But this simple concept can multiply my closing rates

So what I'll do next to develop the skill is

- Read books
- Watch videos
- Listen to audio programs
- Observe people who've mastered this skill
- Pay for courses

As I improve this area, my results will skyrocket.

With time, I develop mastery and the skill becomes second nature.

Do the same exercise.

Reverse engineer the process, identify the skill you need and work to improve those areas.

2019 is still your year.

Grab it!


Akinlawon J. Olaitan
Development Consultant
Emergence Business Plans

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