Sunday, 18 August 2019 12:52

ICCA/UMUNNA condemns attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu in Nuremberg, Germany by IPOB members

-Action of IPOB an act of weakness, cowardice

- Such actions will not be tolerated   


The Board, Executive and members of the Igbo Canadian Community Association (ICCA/Umunna) condemns in the strongest of terms the recent attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu by thugs believed to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IOPB) in Nuremberg, Germany, describing it as grossly despicable, utterly shameful and a concentrated act of cowardice and show of weakness on members of the IPOB and their handlers.


In a statement issued from Toronto, Canada by the President of the socio-cultural and political group, Chief Ugochukwu Okoro, through the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ahaoma Kanu, ICCA/UMUNNA said the actions of IPOB (Germany chapter) is a step taken too far and  henceforth will not be tolerated.


“It is very shameful that members of the IPOB will brazenly and disrespectfully attack on the  Senator and former Deputy Senate President in the manner seen at the Second Annual Cultural Festival and Convention organized by Ndigbo Germany is not only regrettable but a sign of weakness, cowardice and complete manifestation of the disorganization in the group which can only be regarded as an assembly of miscreants and immature attention seekers; this action  exposes the leadership vacuum the group suffers from.”


Senator Ike Ekweremadu who represents Enugu-West Senatorial constituency was attacked by thugs believed to be members of the IPOB in Germany.


ICCA/Umunna went on to say that such act of violence towards an Igbo leader makes one wonder the kind of information that the leaders of IPOB feed their members.


“We wonder what grudges that IPOB bears against the former deputy senate president that they will go to the extent they did. This is a man who, along other Igbo leaders, stood up to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari during the onslaught he ordered on members of the IPOB through the Nigeria Army.  Senator Ekweremadu stood up against Operation Python Dance and tried very visibly to secure the release of the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu as well as worked towards his meeting his bail conditions.


“It is only cowards that seek to fight those who stand guard for them instead of facing the oppressors head-on. One would wonder where those same IPOB members are whenever known persons that executed the killings of Igbo sons and daughters visit Europe; because they are cowards they will hide within their tails but bare their fangs on someone who fights for them. It is cowards and betrayers that single out their own for attack but will stand lily-livered when the oppressors make an appearance.”


“What happened in Nuremberg goes a long way to expose the kind of charlatans that are made leaders in IPOB; it is a leadership that is bereft of ideas, confused on their directions and allergic to wise counsel. Rather than think that charade of shame got them some currency in the media, the IPOB and their handlers ought to realize they just sunk deeper into the well of deplorable.


“We urge the authorities in Germany to fish out the culprits in this condemnable act and make them face the full wrath of the law.


Okoro went on to warn that such irresponsible and crude attitude should go thus far and no more.


“It is time that members of the IPOB especially their leadership start giving their members reorientation and make them see reason why such act of crime should not be encouraged so as to desist from out of order otherwise Ndigbo will need to take measures to put them in check.


“UMUNN also wants to use this opportunity to assure well-meaning Igbo leaders that they should not be deterred by the actions of some miscreants in Europe as they promised that such act of rascality will not be tolerated by Ndigbo in Diaspora, in North America especially Canada as UMUNNA will stand poised to make sure that whoever makes an attempt to disrepute any of our leader will face the full wrath of the law.

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