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How Iran, Norway facilitated El-Zakzaky’s foreign medical trip


… why Shi’ites’ leader picked Indian hospital


member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and one of the followers of Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, Prof. Abdullahi Danladi, has disclosed that the Iranian and Norwegian governments were involved in the negotiation that facilitated the foreign medical trip that the leader of the sect wants to embark.



Besides, he said the IMN leader suggested that he be taken to an Indian hospital because of his trust for the doctors from that country. Investigations by Saturday Telegraph revealed that the hospital, Medanta Hospital is one of the most highly respected multi-specialty hospitals in India. Established in 2009, with cardiac surgeon, Naresh Trehan, according to Wikipedia, the hospital is the “heart and soul” for the population based in the national capital region and for many medical tourists from around the world.



Danladi spoke to Saturday Telegraph on the telephone on   Thursday. Although he said he didn’t know how the deal was brokered, he however said the approval of their leader to travel for medicals by the Federal Government was what the group had been agitating for some time now. He said: “Yes, Zakzaky is going to India. Initially when the government allowed some doctors to come from outside to examine him, among them were three from India. “They were the ones that   identified the ailment and specified that they have the facilities and equipment to control it, especially the led poison that is in his body.


“Our leader was the one that recommended and suggested that he should be allowed to go to India since he believed in the capabilities of the doctors. “They are ready to work and they had already specified that they have equipment and facilities to take care of him there.” Danladi, who is Zakzaky’s personal driver, also said his group was comfortable with the way the deal was brokered since it was their main agitation and one of the reasons for the protests in recent weeks.

He, however, said the group had vowed to remain cautious as events surrounding Zakzaky unfold, saying the government could not be trusted until they see their leader regain his health and return to face his charges legally. He claimed that the group was not aware that the government is picking the bills of Zakzaky’s medicals. “Yes, we are comfortable with his medical arrangement abroad. But, honestly, I am not aware that the Federal Government wants to pay the bills. “If they do that, that will be fine since they have kept in him in confinement for so long; this aggravated his deteriorating health condition.


“However, without the government paying the bills, he can take care of himself but if they wish to do so since they causes the injury, fine. “We don’t have problems with the government picking the bills or not, provided he receives the best medical attention anywhere in the world.” “You see, whatever may come up, you can never trust the government; having killed as many as they could and having subjected our leader to the unkind injuries, definitely we cannot trust them.


“So, whatever action they take, we view it with suspicion. And whatever their motive may be, we don’t know because we can only assess them by what they said publicly. “For now, we are waiting and praying that eventually he will be taken to the hospital and as they have said, when he comes back we hope to continue with the case.


“What we have been telling them is that they cannot try a dead or a sick person.” Our leader is almost dying; therefore there is the need for him to go for medication. “Thank God, as far as he goes there and get well, he will come back and let’s see how far they have pushed with the case.



“The Iran ambassador in Nigeria has spoken that he negotiated with the government. The Norwegian government has also been talking with the authorities too. “So, it is true they have been involved and some diplomatic talks have been going on between Iran in particular and the Nigeria government. “But, I don’t know the details of their negotiation because I am not part of it and neither the government nor the Iranian team has made the details of their discussion available to us or to the general public. “Our concern and demand has been for the government to allow him go for treatment abroad. We believe that is his fundamental right as a citizen of Nigeria. “Irrespective of any other thing, his health, to us comes first. Any other thing should be considered secondary,” Danladi said.



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