Saturday, 20 July 2019 06:23

Wheelchair-bound woman begs Dangote to give her the dollars he promised Super Eagles

A Nigerian woman suffering from spinal cord injury has boldly come out to beg Dangote to give her the dollars he promised the Super Eagles. As it can be recalled, the Nigerian billionaire had said that if he would reward the Nigerian team with $50, 000 for every winning goal they scored against Algeria during AFCON.

Unfortunately, the Super Eagles lost the match. Therefore, they could not claim the reward of Dangote. In light of the circumstances, the wheelchair-bound woman in question named Uwani Muhammed begged him to give her the money.

Uwani who is from Gombe suffers from a spinal cord injury which she sustained eight years ago after she fell from a staircase. 

Her words to Dangote were these:

"Message to Aliko Dangote, help me with the dollars you have promised footballers if they come out victorious so that I can use it to nurse myself back to health." 

Recently, British-Nigerian professional boxer Anthony Joshua spent some quality time on Dangote's luxury yacht which is worth about N15.5 billion. He did not go alone; he also went with his sister. The pretty lady named Janet shared photos from their adventures on the yacht. 


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