Tuesday, 16 July 2019 05:52

Sex-for-mark: I was set up - lecturer


A lecturer at the Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti, Dr. Olaleye Aduwo, who was alleged to have been involved in ”sex- for-mark” scandal, on Monday denied attempting to have carnal knowledge of a female student.

The lecturer, in a 29-second video that went viral about a month ago, was accused of attempting to sexually exploit one of his students for mark.

In the footage, the lecturer was tortured, harassed and dehumanised by people brought by the student.

Since the incident happened, the lecturer has kept mute, except the defence he presented before a panel set up by the university to investigate the matter.


Speaking with reporters in Ado-Ekiti yesterday, Aduwo, in an emotion laden voice, expressed regret over the issue, which he claimed was a deliberate attempt to tarnish his hard-earned integrity and reputation.

He said: “Although the incident came to me as a surprise and it is still under investigation, I urge the public to disregard any misleading information circulated on social media, as such was not true.”

Aduwo added: “The student in question is more or less like a daughter and a friend to my daughter. Hence, I couldn’t have asked her for sex.

“On the fateful day, some unknown hoodlums, suspected to be cultists, numbering about 15, suddenly invaded my house on Ikere Road, Ado-Ekiti, through the connivance of the student in question, to molest me.

“I had just had dinner with my friend, Mr. Allen Akinmudiro, in my apartment when the incident occurred around 10pm.

“The female student, who is a friend to my daughter, arrived and joined in the dinner. I never knew she had an ulterior motive.

“After the meal, the student signalled to the hoodlums, who wasted no time as they stormed my house, rough-handled me, stripped me naked right in my sitting room with my friend Allen and subjected me to torture. They beat me up with harmful objects”.

He alleged that the hoodlums came with guns and other weapons, saying he had no choice but to obey their instructions so as not to endanger his life. Aduwo said efforts by the landlord and neighbours to rescue him failed, as they were threatened with guns and had to run for their lives.


He said the incident was a clear assault and not sex-for-mark as widely circulated.



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