Sunday, 14 July 2019 06:36

[Opinion] On Nigerian Energy - Richard F INOYO


Across the Balkans, there are hundreds of new energy assets being built in form of hydroelectric dams in several regions. It's a fact that Energy-surplus is a must for economic growth and national progress.

Same way that region of the world understands the fact that energy-mix is key to building a sustainable and efficient energy surplus needed to drive and accelerate economic growth, and this a coalition of both the private sector and public institution have been working tirelessly to pursue.

Over here in Nigeria, the story is totally different, what we have seen is a disgraceful and miscalculated attempt on the part of the federal government on how to proceed in resolving our national energy crisis.

First, the federal government refused to privatise the subsector for decades and just within the last five years claimed that she has granted privatization right to three company categories in respect to Nigerian energy supply chain, only to switch behind close door to impose senseless regulations that now stiffen the growth and expansion of energy investment which is central to building a worldclass energy outcome for all.

The federal government must fully deregulate the energy market and create the enabling environment to allow the sector to survive. As it stands today, Nigerians and the Nigerian industry need over 325,478Megawatts of electricity against the below 4000Megawatts that we currently boast of.

Today, I'm calling on all well meaning Nigerians to call for a new energy policy and bill that would envision and embolden a new energy solution that we all need to create meaningful economic growth across the country.


Richard F Inoyo
Policy Director, Carthinium Centre for Global Research and National Development

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