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Oshiomhole deceitful - Adjoto


• Ex-speaker frustrated –Akpatason


Immediate past speaker of the Edo House of Assembly, Kabiru Adjoto, has described the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former governor of the state,Adams Oshiomhole, as a deceitful man who does not practice what he preaches.

Speaking at a reception in Igarra, organised by the people of the local government to welcome him back home, Adjoto said Oshiomhole, who is the apostle of ‘One man one vote’ who claimed to be against and fought ‘godfatherism’ as governor, has now become an ‘Emperor’ and want to lord it over everybody and everything.

He regretted that what Oshiomhole has succeeded in doing since he became APC national chairman is to have negatively changed the destiny of many people.

Promising to speak on the many atrocities allegedly committed by Oshiomhole, Adjoto vowed that the people of Edo and Akoko-Edo, will resist the APC’s national chairman’s plan to force a governorship candidate on them in 2020.

“Oshiomhole wants to be everywhere at the same time; everything he preached against that we supported him to fight against is what he is now doing.

“When Oshiomhole introduced one man one vote, we believed in him and supported him. We did the same when he was fighting godfatherism and insulting Chief Tony Anenih and Chief Gabriel Igbinedion.

“We were with him and even helped him to remove leadership of the state Assembly that was against his government then. Whatever success you can attribute to him today is because of the support we gave him.


“Unfortunately, we didn’t know that power can change a man. Give a man power and money, you will find out his real self. Oshiomhole has failed us,” Adjoto said.

Adjoto, who lost to Peter Akpatason at the Supreme Court, alleged that the people of Akoko-Edo have been denied, through him, an effective representation at the National Assembly because he refused to give Governor Godwin Obaseki problem as the speaker of the House of Assembly.

“I was under intense pressure to give Governor Obaseki problem when I was speaker, but I resisted because it is the people that will suffer when it happens.

“We are going to resist Oshiomhole antics. We will support Obaseki to make him succeed. He is doing wonderfully well and has surpassed the previous administration.

“God will catch them if they say Obaseki will not come for second term. Let them try it; that time, the whole world will know the truth about the Mobutu Seseseko mansion and many other things,” he said.

In a swift reaction, Akpatason said the masses have always known and identified with the dispositions of Oshiomhole and what he stands for prior to and extending to the time he was at the helm of affairs as the president of the Nigeria Labour Union (NLC) and his eight years as Edo State governor, where he set standard in service delivery and infrastructure development.

“You can understand the cry of a frustrated man haven lost at the Supreme Court irrespective of the resources Adjoto and his pay master expended in the course of the case.

“Adjoto should tell Akoko Edo people the development he brought to the area when he was the Assembly speaker. He should be ashamed of himself for trying to deride Oshiomhole who made him all he is today in politics.


“What will he say his new found-friend, Obaseki, has done for him rather than use willing tools like Adjoto to insult our leader, Oshiomhole. They are bunch of ingrates and God will not forgive them.

“The APC  national chairman has always been recognised for his unassailable democratic ethos, his championing of political inclusiveness, pioneer of One Man One Vote; One Woman One Vote, his headlong battle against godfatherism, and several other causes that promote the rule of law.

“So, whether Adjoto and his cohorts like it or not they cannot change history,” Akpatason said.



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