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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN - Video News, February

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Below are the activities covered by the video news team in the month of February; from the Vice President's participation at the National Security Summit, Foreign Service Lecture, Kogi State Investment Summit to the Lagos-Kano Joint Investment Summit.



On February 2 2018, Vice President. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN announced Federal Government’s decision to rename the Federal University Ndufu-Alike in Ebonyi State, now to be known as Alex Ekwueme Federal University. `At the burial of the late former Vice President Dr. Alex Ekwueme in his home town, Oko, Anambra State.  

Prof. Osinbajo said, President Muhammadu Buhari gave the approval for the renaming of the institution in honour of the late Dr. Ekwueme who served meritoriously as Nigeria’s Vice President.

In recognition of the contributions of late Dr. Alex Ekwueme to Nigeria’s socio-political development, he said, "Alex Ekwueme now lives in the hearts of the multitudes whose lives he so profoundly touched in tangible and intangible ways. No reward or commendation will ever be truly sufficient from a grateful nation to one of her best and brightest sons. We therefore offer only a token."

The Vice President added that late Dr Ekwueme would be remembered more for his integrity and the lives he touched rather than his previously held positions and academic or professional accomplishments.



Determined to push forward with the economic progress recorded so far, the Buhari administration inaugurated the Joint Working Group for the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGPFocus Labs on Tuesday, February 6 at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. 

The establishment of the Focus Labs will further boost economic growth and ensure Nigeria continues its journey of building a competitive economy. The objectives of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan include eradicating corruption in government procurement and processes, prudent management of resources, social inclusion, overcoming power constraints and skills shortages, and further promoting private sector inclusion. 

In less than a year, following its the ERGP has seen the country’s economy record significant strides, including its exit from recession last year and improved stability in the fiscal and monetary markets.

Also, in last year’s World Bank Doing Business index, Nigeria jumped 24 places and was listed among the 10 most reforming economies globally, feats that have attracted wide applause and commendation for the economic policies of the Buhari administration.

The Joint Working Group will comprise senior public officers from the six aforementioned pilot Ministries, and their agencies. They are expected to work with the Senior Special Assistants to the President in the ERGP Implementation Unit to plan the labs successfully and address the inter-agency bottlenecks the investors bring to the labs.

Other tasks of the members of the core sector teams in the Group include generation and validation of sector data, provision of sector specific information and context, provision of technical perspective and government policy position.

The Working Group would also be tasked with making decisions on behalf of the government that promotes investment and national interest, build Institutional memory, strengthen Institutional capacity, and encourage institutional ownership.



On February 4, Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo graced the Igbobi College Old Boys Association (ICOBA) annual merit award marking the 86th anniversary of Igbobi College, his Alma Mater.



On February 8 2018, at the National Security Summit, Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo  spoke on the administration's response to the Herdsmen and Farmer clashes.

He said “I do not know of any one issue that has given President Buhari more concern or on which he has spent more time with Security Chiefs, as this particular issue.”

According to the Vice President “It is important to make clear, that no one is giving land to anyone, as is being falsely alleged. Instead, it is our view that States that are willing and which have set aside land for development should cooperate with willing investors in commercially viable, government-supported ranches or livestock production centres for commercial use.”

In 2015, when the Buhari administration took office, much of Northern Eastern Nigeria lay beneath the palpable shadow of the terrorist group. In the two and half years since then, the military has done a remarkable job, reclaiming Nigerian territory, rescuing tens of thousands of civilians, and routing Boko Haram. Today the group is a shadow of itself, forced to resort to cowardly suicide bombings and other attacks on soft targets in a desperate bid at attention-seeking.


Economic and Investment Summit, Social Investment Programme, MSME Clinic

Speaking at the Kogi Economic and Investment Summit in Lokoja on February 13 2018, Prof. Osinbajo said the Buhari presidency can be scored very high despite daunting challenges in the economy.

The Vice President was in the state for a number of events, including the nationwide MSMES clinics, commissioning of Social Investment Programme, SIP, and the Kogi Economic and Investment summit.

According to him, “Despite 60% less revenue, we have, by stopping grand corruption, made the highest capital spend in the history of the country in the sum of about  N1.3 trillion. We are, for the first time, taking on the game-changing infrastructure projects.”

He said: “We have experienced an agricultural revolution, doing close to 15 million metric tons of paddy yearly. We used to spend almost $3 billion on rice importation, now rice 

In the area of effective partnership with state governments, Prof. Osinbajo said, “Also, we have given more support to State Governments than any other government since 1999.”

According to him, “As of September 2017, total support (excess crude account loan and Budget support facility), excluding Paris club refunds, is in the order of N876. 3 billion, and if we add Paris club refunds we will have disbursed N1.91 trillion.”

In the Federal Government’s partnerships with the private sector, Prof. Osinbajo added that “we have through the Quarterly Business Forum and the Industrial Council, collaborated with the private sector. We believe that the private sector is the key.”

He said the Federal Government had, through the Social Investment Programmes, encouraged more young entrepreneurs, as well as empowering vulnerable and poor households across the country.



On February 20,  Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo participated at the Inaugural Annual Foreign Service Public Lecture, hosted by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in FCT, Abuja. The lecture was themed “Reflections on Nigeria’s Foreign Policy; Diplomacy and the Foreign Service” and chaired by General Yakubu Gowon

The federal government continues to be guided by the principles of Nigerian foreign policy, which evolved in those early days and which has been maininted over the years in various way, including by pursuing the nationla intest in an afrocentric manner and combating all manner of racial discrimination, particularly emphasizing the dignity of the Nigerian and the African person.

Globalization requires better management of trade and financial flows just as there is a changing landscape of challenges relating to migration, environment, health and technology across the globe. Indeed, non-state actors, especially criminal non-state actors such as terrorist groups, cybercriminals, drug cartels have complicated a security landscape that was once viewed in relatively uncomplicated notions of peace and security. 

Since the traditional responses to all of these issues no longer carry the assuredness of the past, countries today, and our country in particular, have to use a more novel variety of tools, including soft power to advance their diplomatic objectives. In Nigeria, this would mean perhaps leveraging on entertainment, music and sports where we have excelled. Our achievements in entertainment, music and sports might be useful ways of opening doors for us diplomatically and economically.

We must do everything in our power to attract more capital to Nigeria, in Oil and Gas, Clean Energy, Agriculture, Transport, Power, Mining, amongst others; to spread the message and support the goals of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP).

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at the Inaugural Foreign Service Public Lecture (Full Remarks)


On February 22, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of the first edition of the Nigeria International Petroleum Summit, held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. 

According to the Vice President, “It is clear that Africa must increasingly look within for solutions to resolve the challenges that impede the growth of industry, commerce and economy generally.” 

“In addition, the increasing number of African countries joining the league of oil and gas producing states calls for greater cooperation amongst the old and new in the industry.”

“The volatility of the oil market is another serious challenge. These are not challenges that can be addressed successfully solely by countries taking independent decisions. Collaboration, synergies and knowledge sharing are critical. For us in Africa, we have to work hard to make the best of our God-given resources before it is too late. Together, we can surmount our hurdles faster than if we try to do so individually.”

“With the largest proven gas reserves in Africa and the seventh largest in the world, over 38 billion barrels of oil reserve and a daily production of about 2 million barrels, and the continent's largest concentration of skilled manpower for the oil and gas industry, built over 30 years or more - naturally, Nigeria's experiences can be useful to other African countries.”



The International Conference on Lake Chad Basin kicked off in Abuja on February 26 2018. Theme of the Conference: “Saving the Lake Chad to revitalize the Basin’s ecosystem for sustainable livelihood, security and development.” Vice President Osinbajo declared it open, on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

He said “"Saving the Lake Chad” Saving Lake Chad is pulling our region back from a major economic, social and ecological disaster.”



On February 28, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, declared open the Lagos-Kano Joint Economic & Investment Summit at Epe, Lagos State. Lagos & Kano State Governors Akinwunmi Ambode and Abdullahi Ganduje hosted the event with the Oba of Lagos and Emir of Kano also in attendance.

Vice President Osinbajo said, “Long before Nigeria existed as we know it today, both cities existed as important regional centres of trade and commerce. It is a given that they will continue well into the future, increasingly gaining clout and influence.”

According to him, “the Federal Government will support the efforts of all State Governments to reform their economies, attract investment, and collaborate with one another. The days when the Federal Government would seek to undermine Governors and their administrations are now well behind us. The State Governors would be the first to attest to the fact that President Buhari is deeply committed to helping every State in Nigeria achieve its full economic potential."

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