Sunday, 16 June 2019 17:46

You won the election but lost Nigeria - Prophet tells Buhari

Prophet to Buhari: You won the election but lost Nigeria

A popular cleric, Prophet Godfrey Gbujie has told President Muhammadu Buhari that all the energy and resources put into winning the 2019 presidential election were wasted efforts.

Gbujie, who had predicted Buhari’s victory in the first chapter of his 2009 prophetic document titled, ‘Nigeria in Prophecy’, conveyed to the President in a letter delivered on April 15, that: “The God of Heaven and Earth is not amused but disgusted at the conduct of the general election which is a mockery of fair play and justice.”

The Prophet noted that the same prophetic document that proclaimed his ascension to the presidency, also proclaimed the end of his presidency as far back as 2009 in chapters 14,15, and 20 of the document, “Nigeria in Prophecy, 2009”.

According to the letter, Gbujie conveyed that God was grieved at the oppressive governance and mismanagement of the affairs of the Nigerian polity in spite of the various warnings availed his government.

He wrote: “The holy watchers of heaven shrug at the rapidly rising wave of officially condoned oppression, social injustice, kleptocracy, financial corruption, violence and blood spilling reigning in the country.”

Gbujie also wrote the Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS) in a letter he titled: ‘SOS: Help avert the looming punitive civil war and violent disintegration of the Nigerian polity’.


He urged the organisation to divest itself of all religious, ethnic and geosectional biases in the treatment of his third and last prophetic ministration to the presidency. Gbujie reminded the DSS, among other prophesies, of his prophetic warning of the bombing of the UN Regional Office in Abuja and his early warning of the attempted violent jail break at the DSS’ Asokoro, Abuja headquarters.



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