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Thousands line streets to see Rev Billy Graham's coffin procession

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Thousands of people lined streets in North Carolina at the weekend to watch the coffin of Rev Billy Graham pass by, as it was taken to his hometown.

Many waved and took photographs of the hearse as it transported the US evangelist's body from the North Carolina mountains to the city of Charlotte on Saturday.

The 130-mile journey, which included a brief stop at Graham's childhood church in Charlotte, took approximately three-and-a-half hours.

His motorcade was led by eight highway patrol officers on motorbikes and included vehicles moving Graham's children and their families.

Speaking on Saturday, his son Franklin Graham said: "My father made me promise long ago that we would take him back to Charlotte after he died, and that's what we're in the process of doing right now.

Firefighters suspended giant American flags from the cranes of fire engines stationed at two highway overpasses as Billy Graham's body passed underneath.

Franklin Graham later wrote on Twitter: "The outpouring of love we are seeing as we travel from Asheville to Charlotte via the motorcade with my father Billy Graham is overwhelming."

Members of the public are being invited to visit Billy Graham's casket on Monday and Tuesday at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, before it later lies in honour at the US Capital government building in Washington D.C.


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