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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 18:50

Emir Sanusi's poor man one wife policy - Ayoola Imran

Marriage is a legal institution established to promote love, care and tranquility. It's also the best and legal channel for reproduction.

It's worrisome the way people handle marital affairs today ignorantly and playfully. Playfully in the sense that a man who lacks the funds marries above his income, subjecting both the woman and the children to humiliation and a hapless situation which in turn converts the wards into a nuisance to the society. The act of polygamy is suitable for those who have the means and it's hazardous for the poor man who lacks the resources for the well-being of the family. 

It's in this  regard that the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, while speaking at the 50th anniversary of the demise of Ambassador Isa Wali revealed plans in the offing to introduce a law that will restrict poor men in his emirate from marrying many wives.

This has generated hullabaloo on the social media, with many commentators openly and hypocritically opposing the move without giving it a proper thought. Some argue that the Emir wants to westernise the society by buttressing their untenable and flimsy statement claiming that he wants to limit the Muslim population in the North. That view is blatantly false! Others on the other hand, argue that he has no right to dictate the number of wives a man can take.

This made me to recall the statements made by Dame Patience Jonathan, former First Lady, during the 2015 People Democratic Party (PDP) electioneering campaign that, '...Al-majiris! We for the South here, we no get al-majiris because our men no dey born children wey they no go remember their names; our men no dey born children wey they no go fit count, our men no dey born children they go throw way.' 

Alas! I thought our people will give her derogatory statements a thought then, to restrategize and regulate marriage affairs but, no, it all fell on deaf ears. I concurred with what she said even though it was said to mock and show political hatred towards the All Progressives Congress' candidate. The truth has to be told!

The poor men in Kano metropolis have polluted the environs by producing what they can't take care of. However, their indiscriminate and unregulated polygamous marriages have become a menace to society. This includes: high rates of both divorce and domestic violence, boy-child begging (Al-majiranci), junkies and harlots, political thugs and terrorists to mention but a few.

The poor men lack the means and the precious time to train their wards properly. Consquently, they leave their children to cater for themselves making them eventually, to fall prey to predators. An adage says: 'An idle mind is a devil's workshop.' How won't those untrained children be used as destructive weapons to threaten the peace of the society? Believe me, all those terrorists' members in Boko Haram, Al- Qaeda, Al- Shabab,Taliban and others emerged as a result of the improper training instilled in their minds coupled with lack of parental care. Here, untrained wards are mostly the al-majiris who have nobody to cater for them. 

Hence, they come into contact with corrupt friends who in most cases lure them into bad gangs which in turn make them end up as child-soldiers of the terrorist groups. I could vividly remember during my undergraduate programme at Bayero University, Kano, we had some al-majiris, populary known as Deboruwas - the errand boys in the hostels. They usually chanted some words as lyrics to solicit for work or to indicate their presence for whosoever had an errand for them. In return, those debo-ruwas were paid cheaply.

I interviewed some among those Debo-ruwa boys, they disclosed to me that majority of them were from the North-western part of the country, particularly Sokoto and Zamfara states. Furthermore, they told me they were sent by their parents to come and acquire Quranic knowledge without any proper welfare put in place for them. Hence, they relied on the petty money they raised from students' hostels to cater for themselves. 

How won't those children, who lack parental love and care, constitute nuisance to the society? How won't those children not be lured and recruited by those deadly and lunatic terrorists to carry out evil acts?



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