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Police IG ‘wants anti-open grazing laws suspended’ to stop killings

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Mr. Idris appeared before the Senate Committee of Police in response to the Senate’s summon on Tuesday.

The Senate had given the police boss a 14-day ultimatum to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of the killing of 73 residents in Benue State.

Following his inability to make the arrests as well as give updates on the issue, the Senate on Wednesday resolved to summon Mr. Idris, to give explanations as it vowed not to overlook the matter.

At the beginning of the meeting, the IGP tried to give brief details of the local governments visited in the state and journalists were then excused from the room as the meeting held behind closed doors.

After the closed door sessions, however, a source told PREMIUM TIMES that the IG had complained about the presence of small armed militia groups which is making it difficult for the police to restore peace to the state.

“He said that about 140 people have been arrested so far and most of them have been charged to court for prosecution. And he said that investigations are still ongoing for those who are yet to be charged to court,” he said.

Our source further disclosed that the IGP told the committee that the cause of the crisis was the anti-open grazing law.

“He asked for stoppage of implementation of the law until ranches are provided, then the law can be gradually implemented again. He also asked for further equipping and funding for police to assist their work in the area and across the country,” the source added.





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