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'It's great to visit Rome city with my daughter Olympia' - Serena Williams

Serena Williams is enjoying her off-court time in Rome. The American player arrived in Italy on Wednesday last week and she visited the city. "Yeah, I actually haven't been able to train or practice a lot. I was out much longer than I expected.

But I, you know, did everything I could to stay fit and to keep my cardio up. I knew that I love the clay season and I wanted to be a part of it. I literally did everything that I could, and I'm here." On how it felt to go around Rome with her daughter Olympia, she added: "It's great.

She's actually been here before. I was briefly here last year, but she was so small. It's really fun because I took her to the Coliseum, then I took her to the fountain. It was really cool to share my favourite city with her, some of my favourite things to see.

Obviously the pasta and the food... It's just been really great. Now when I go to tournaments, I really kind of want to get there early so I can have these different experiences and photos and videos and memories with Olympia.

She might not remember it, but at least we'll be able to see it in the future. Does being a mother change your perspective of facing Venus in the next round? "It doesn't change at all. We're just as fierce, Venus is just as fierce. We both really want to get some match play. We'll both do the best that we can.".

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