Friday, 10 May 2019 14:48

One of the twin sisters pregnant for the same man spills the truth

Social media users were left in shock when a man took to Instagram in April to reveal he was expecting babies with twin sisters.


When pressed by shocked social media users, he claimed they are in a happy relationship and mentioned he needs a TV show.

Well, turns out all is not what is seems as one of them, Nydia took to Facebook to rant.

She revealed she was in a relationship with him and when she was 9 months pregnant, she was shocked to find out that her twin sister was 8 months pregnant for him as they had been having sex behind her back.

She said she tried not to expose her sister because family and friends have already turned their back on her .


Just as he wished, they got the attention of a producer who shot a documentary with them where they tell their story.


In the trailer, Nadia revealed she felt betrayed when she found out, but he said having twins pregnant for him was destiny.

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